OK, so sometimes fraternizing with your fellow humans will bite you in the butt; not often, but sometimes.  Case in point, at the gas station today, I saw a young man wearing a green 'I (heart) VT' t-shirt (exactly like the one above), so I say to him,

"I love Vermont...it's so green...well all of New England is really....so pretty."

He looks at me like I have a hole in the head and then looks behind him to see if I am maybe talking to someone else. Nope. It's just you and me. Bucko!

I try again.  "I was born and raised up in Northern Maine but live out here now. I sure miss the Atlantic."

Again, he gave me an 'OK, who's in charge of the the crazy lady' look and finally said, in a clearly irritated, haughty, voice, "I've never been out East.".

I say, " Oh, I just saw your 'I (heart) Vermont' shirt and assumed. Sorry!'.

He looks down at his shirt and said (and I quote), "VT doesn't stand for Vermont. It stands for Virginia Tech-my alma mater" in a snooty tone and then turned his back to me.

Huh. I wonder how much tuition is at Virginia Tech these days, 'cause this poor guy didn't get his money's worth. Maybe  I should call up Virginia Tech and have them add a blurb about the abbreviation for Vermont in their geography classes...and have them mention that Virginia is, in fact, ON the EAST coast, or 'out East' as it were?

After he left, the cashier and I burst out laughing. I guess sometimes the ones that bite you are entertaining as well!


Anonymous said…
Well, if Virginia Tech isn't East ---- I hope the tuition is low.....
Dan Fraser said…
He be an idiot... u bee funny...
Denise Medford said…
Min, you kill me! LOL!!!
Denise Medford said…
Min, you kill me! LOL!!!
Renee Anne said…
Clearly the admission standards at Virginia Tech are fairly low. Since when is Virginia not on the east coast? Sure, it's not the NORTHeast but it's still east.


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