Big Ben ran joyfully over the Rainbow Bridge in the early morning hours of May 4th. It's only been a little over a week, but the hole he left in my heart and in this house hasn't filled in one bit. I know it was time. I promised that I would never let him suffer and I didn't. I made the most difficult decision    one has to make regarding a best fur buddy. I still think I see him out of the corner of my eye. I long to hug him again and feel his big, goofy, head on my shoulder; his soft, sloppy kisses. I would give anything for one more chance to scratch his soft, floppy, ears.

My Sweet Boy,
I hope you are in a place now where you don't hurt anymore; no knee pain, no tumors, no fatigue. I wish you endless fields to run and chase in, all the yummiest treats and all the toys you can destroy. I hope that the next time I see you, you are waiting at the doorway for me with that dopey grin and waggy tail, just like you did every time I came home the last 11 years. Until then, know that you are SO missed, I will never have a better friend 
All My Love Forever,


Barb said…
My words...just lots of understanding hugs.
Anonymous said…
Ben, sweet Ben.... your Mommy hurts now, for a little while. But, you have helped to teach us how to make her feel a little better. She will too - when you look down, you will see the smiles become more frequent. One day, she will be able to see you again - even though you still get to see her every day. I know how she feels, Ben - because, well, Kitty is up there with you. So are Fuzzy, Wuzzy and Bill. But, you should remember Kitty. Ben, I hope that you will find time to play with me too, when I get to come up there. In the meantime, we will try to make Mommy's smiles a little brighter when we can. You changed a lot about the world, Ben. As humans grow and learn, they are understanding that pets are waaaaay more important and impactful than we give credit for. I'm sure that is all rectified in Heaven - and you are very special. Until we all meet again, Ben --- save some sloppy kisses for me. --- Patti - silly neighbor lady of days gone by.
Michelle said…
I just knew "Bentley's Wings" meant something heartbreaking. You gave the greatest gift – you are suffering so he didn't have to. Bless you, and I'm SO sorry.

Understanding hugs and tears....
Anonymous said…
A wonderful tribute to a special, wonderful dog.
LezliB said…
What a beautiful tribute to your fur baby. I am sure that he will be waiting for you with open paws when you join him in the far future. He looks like he was the most loving puppy I have ever seen. Big hugs to you and I know that there are many fur mommies and daddies that feel the hurt that you feel.
Suzanne Fluhr said…
We also have an 11 year old dog. I'm dreading the day we have to say good-bye---although we've been losing biped family and friends in an untimely way, so I guess there's no way to be sure who is really departing this world first. Condolences. Wishing you peace and courage.

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