Invited to Downton Abbey

It was the weekend of museums!  Actually the long weekend of museums.  On Monday, friends Scott and Michael and I, hit the open road to Oshkosh to see the Downtown Abbey costume exhibit at the Payne  Museum. What a magnificent venue to have it in! The Payne House is a Tudor mansion and they had each of the rooms decked out a la Downton. Pictures weren't allowed; a fact I didn't know until I got busted about 3/4 of the way through.  Ooops! Oh well, my life of crime is your gain.

The Dowager's Tea Dress

Lady Edith

Shirley McLaine wore this!

Yum! Loves me a sharp dressed man!  I think men should still dress like this!

Biking outfit

They didn't have any costumes from my darling Mr. Bates, but it's probably for the best. I'm sure I would have caused quite a ruckus and more of a security breach than I already did. I took a lot more photos if anyone is interested, let me know and I'd love to share.

After the exhibit, we toured the gardens. We couldn't have asked for a more luscious day; 75°, light wind, no humidity, bright sun. The best weather to tour the Payne gardens. The gardens are tucked all over and each of them has some sort of surprise to discover. 

                                                 A hidden little arbor niche with a bench.

This fountain is beside the Carriage house in the Rose Garden

This is in the rose garden as well. Love the purple flowers. Everything looked so lush!

Hedge corridor from the Carriage House to the main house

Back yard at Main House

After the Garden Tour we were ready for a nosh so we went to a fabulous little restaurant called Gardina's Wine Bar and Cafe.  We had a fig and blue cheese croistini appetizer that was amazing and my pear and brie pannini was heavenly as well.

What a perfect day! Downton Abbey, beautiful house and  gardens, scrumptious lunch and time well spent with dear friends....who could ask for more!

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Michelle said…
I, for one, would welcome more illicit photos!
lalitterer said…
Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing your adventures