Weekly Challenge #164: "Amanda (Earth) Day"

This week's Diva Challenge is one of my favorites. Last year Laura's little son, Chewie decided that the Earth's name was 'Amanda'. Now when I see or hear the phrase 'Earth Day',  I think Amanda Day!  I've got a crazy busy week so I didn't have time for anything fancy; 15 minutes and a regulation tile. My concession to Amanda Day was to use organic patterns: ocean and plants. 


Jean Chaney said…
I love organic patterns. This is very pretty and the banner just floats with excellent shading.
Brenda said…
I love all the Mooka coming off the banner!
Molly Bee said…
Thanks Jean!
Kelly said…
I went organic with mine too. I love to see how different everyone's turn out! This is really pretty.
Lovely! Did this really only take 15 minutes? I don't understand how that is done.
Carmela said…
A nice flowery earth tile!
Donald Wilka said…
I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that went the organic tangle route. Looks great with a nice job of shading.
Duane said…
The first thing I noticed was all the muscles....I LOVE seafood!!! Makes me hungry.

Very nice Earth Day tile, even if you just put it together very fast.

from Duane.

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