Easter 2014

I spent my Easter morning on the barn this year, communing with all my feather and fur babies. It was a glorious morning for farm work. Sunny skies and 60°.

Miss Harley decided to dig a nest in the straw by the barn door and catch a few zzzzz's in the warm sun.

Thor decided to follow her lead from the top of the manure pile.

Zeus decided he had had enough sun and hung our in the shade under the goats play set. 

Amy chose the best of both worlds by finding a cushy stall with a sunny window in the barn.

I got to commune a bit with two of the newer residents, Chachi and Fonzi.

This is Chachi...or Fonzi.  I can't tell them apart yet, but they are both adorable and super friendly. They could just be your buddy and be scritched and snorgled all day!

Another fan of the scritch and snorgle is Lucy.  She can go from upright to belly up in 2 seconds flat if she thinks there is a chance for a belly rub!

After a wonderful morning at the barn and an afternoon puttering around the house. I finally settled down to watch 'Call The Midwife' and Mr. Selfridge and finished the dastardly socks that I've been working on. The color looked so cute in the skein but then I hated it as I started knitting them. Don't look directly at them, you'll burn out your retinas! 

I hope you all had a safe and happy Easter too!


Michelle said…
The socks look very Easter-like!