Diva Challenge, Turning 102, and Farm Pics

I'm kinda cheating on this week's Diva Challenge. I was working on this Ben Kwok Celtic Cross template for St. Patrick's Day before the challenge came out to make a St. Patrick's day inspired work. But I finished it today and I like the way it came out so I am entering it.
Celtic Cross for St. Patrick's

On March 10th, my Grammie celebrated her 102 birthday! Here she is in the tiara she was awarded for being Valentine Queen a month ago. 102 and she's still got it!

One of her great joys is getting mail, so I put the word out to my friends all over the planet, asking them to send her a card.  They came through big time. Here is a small sampling of the cards. She enjoyed every single one and marveled at the far flung places that they were mailed from. Thank you to all who participated. You really make her day!

Spring on the farm wasn't so spring-y on Sunday. 10° and a hearty gale made it downright miserable weather-wise. 
Frances was smart and wore his sweater. He was toasty and more than willing to share heat with a hug. 

Billy basked in the warm glow of love and chin scritches.
Bob, volunteer extraordinaire, braved the cold to put a playground together for the goats. They didn't mind the cold as they took turns running back and forth across their new ramp. 

I hadn't been to the barn for a while and really missed it. Despite the frigid temps, it was so nice to see my feather and fur babies, the other volunteers, and the meadow again. Now that life is calming down some, I hope to get out there more when they need extra help. The animals, exercise, camaraderie and fresh air a balm for the soul!


Barbara Geer said…
I love the way to did Ben's cross. You really chose some fantastic tangles for this one. Absolutely beautiful!
Michelle said…
GRRR; the internet ate my message.

I SAID, Yes to your last sentence, except when they keep you up for late-night and middle-of-the-night feedings and your immune system suffers and you come down with a nasty virus your husband brought home and you have to keep on keeping on ANYWAY . . . but mostly yes. ;-)
Lily Moon said…
Very nice tangled Celtic Cross! :)
Mum said…
Beautiful cross and the fur babies look like they are having fun. Looking out across those rolling hills is as good as it gets...
What a beautifully done Celtic cross. Just lovely!
A beautiful cross!!!!
What a brilliant idea, all those cards for your grandma, if I had know about the request I would have sent her one from The Netherlands.