Decision Doodling

I'm in one of those phases in my life where I have  some of decisions to make; hard decisions. And I don't like it one bit lemme tell you. In order to settle myself and sort through the pros and cons, I've done a couple of larger doodles lately. I uploaded pics of them from my phone to Facebook. I save them from there and transfer them here. For some reason, when I send from my phone to my email, the picture gets partly eaten on the way. Great! Another hard decision! What new phone to get!

Anyway, a dear friend who is like a sister and just moved to Texas, saw them and named them for me:

Too High Falootin' To Be A  Lone Star 

(Apparently, to move to the Texas, you must memorize the fact that a  Lone Star has EXACTLY 5 points. Not  3 or 4....and definitely not 6 like the abomination above. Then they beat it into you that all stars must be  the State Approved 5-pointed Lone Star. Any doodler who attempt to doodle a star other that the official  state design  is kicked out of The South altogether and has to join the Witness Protection Program. And don't even think about eating Pace Salsa ever again. I'm going to have to do some heavy atonement and begging , not to mention drawing copious amounts of correct, 5-pointed stars, to even be allowed into the state if I ever want to visit!)

She just put 'Snakes on a Plane' under this one. I wonder why?

Goodnight All!