Maine Doodles

Just got back from two weeks back home in Maine. Had a wonderful time with Mum as always. Over the next several days I'll post pics from my adventures.

I got some doodling done while I was away. I drew this cat for a Humane Society Benefit in Houlton Maine.

And thus encouraged by filling in animal outlines, entered my 'Lobster Period'.  Here is one that is finished and in the Marion Burton (of the Rancho Cordova Burtons donchaknow)  collection. All of the designs in it are sea based; jelly fish, shells, starfish, trap rope, buoys, fish, clams, scallops, eels, anemones, coral. Hopefully that will distract the viewer from noticing that it's a mutant lobster with two too many legs.  I have another two lobster ones, with the correct amount of legs that that aren't complete yet. I'm thinking about Maine tshirt designs.

Anyway, wonderful trip.  Loved rammin' around with Mum and the folks. More pics and details to follow.


Michelle said…
LOVE the new animal-themed doodles; DEFINITELY t-shirt design material!

Glad to hear you were on vacation. I was beginning to worry that the turkey finally got you, and no one out here in blogland would ever learn your fate!
MadCityMike said…
Glad that you are home safe and "sound"......I like the "themed" doodles, too......and yes...Tee shirts...spectacular idea!