Roving and Baby Surprises

I visited an artist's co-op in Camden/Lincolnville and picked up this lovely roving. It's called 'Blueberry Morning' and being high blueberry season in Maine, it called to me; the white misty fogs over the seemingly endless barrens and the low green bushes hiding their tiny, blue treasures... Sigh. I licked it and though it doesn't taste like them, I can tell already that it will spin up like melted buddah on a blueberry muffin, Deah. And now for the apology portion of my post....I, MollyBee, do heartfeltedly apologize for all of those bad things I thought and said about Elizabeth Zimmerman while making previous attempts to follow her Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. And also to all of you that I accused of lying to me when you showed me your beautiful BSJs and told me that they were knit from Elizabeth's pattern. And I apologize to God for thinking that he was orchestrating a colossal joke. Seemed like everyone on the planet was in on it but ME!

Mad City Mike turned me on the the fact that Elizabeth's daughter has put out a new pattern that has row by row instructions for the thing and I got a copy. And guess what? The gosh darn thing works!

No one can blame me for thinking that this shapeless blob was anything other than...well...a shapeless blob.

But with two quick folds. One.....

and two...and it makes a jacket by golly Miss Molly! Guess that's where the 'SURPRISE' part comes in!

Now all I need to do is seam the two short little shoulder tops and add buttons! I'm thinking that Sheep and Wool Festival is the place to look for really special ones. E.Z., (head hung shamefully) I am humbled......I bow to your vision and greatness.


Michelle said…
I am so glad you humbled yourself at EZ's altar and became a believer! :-) I still can't wrap my mind around how she came up with that....

BTW, I LURVE the colors of both the roving AND the BSJ!
MadCityMike said…
Excellent work! I'm sure you will find some really special buttons for it, too. I was able to find some Beatrix Potter Mother Mouse ones for my 2nd BSJ and am sure my granddaughter will love them even more when she is old enough to understand that there are stories to go along with her jacket! :)
I have been twice defeated by the BSJ. It looks like I'll be at Wis. Sheep & Wool on Sunday. (slim possibility of Saturday also.) Maybe we can say Hi Howdy.
DPUTiger said…
Knitting a BSJ is in my immediate future. I really appreciate your pictures. I've heard repeatedly that it's a stingray-looking thing that folds a little then POW it's a sweater, but having never knit one, I never really understood. Now I do! (Sorry i've been comment-absent for so long. It's been a rotten summer)

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