Poor Poor Molly Bee!

Poor me! I had to spend this glorious summer Sunday afternoon meeting new friends and looking at this:
and eating great food and looking at this:

and visiting with interesting folks and lazing by this
Yes, poor poor me! It's afternoons like this one that make up for the calamities that seem to befall me more frequently than the average bear!

From the 'Animals Are Adorable Department'...this is my Mum's new kitty, Punkin.
Before Mum got a 'real' furbaby, she got a stuffed dog (you can see his black paws below) and cat (the realistic black and white kitty is stuffed) that sleep on her bed. Punkin took one look and decided to join the gang during her nap times! Safety in numbers. Smart cookie that one!

And from the 'Animals Will Kick You When You're Down' department....
Mr. Ben is a smart dog in most respects...smarter than me a lot more times than I'd like to admit in fact, but the one thing he WILL NOT do is come back when you call him. I've tried everything, special electronic training collars, treat rewards, all the tricks in the book. But once his nose starts working, he follows it and his brain disengages. Last weekend, I was throwing the ball for him. He brought it back the first two times, but on the third throw he caught the scent of god-knows-what and took off. I 'Here Ben-ed' until I'd had it and then threw myself down on the lawn in disgust. And the darndest thing happened, he took one look and made a bee-line right back to me!
'Cool' I thought, 'He's concerned that something has happened to me! This might be just the break I need to get this into his head.'
I closed my eyes and lay very still. He came trotting over and I mentally prepared for the face licking I thought I'd get. Not so much. He comes directly over and roots in my pockets. He thought I was dead and saw it as an opportunity to roll my corpse for treats! No sense letting the coroner take them away! That would be a waste!
Here is his mug shot. Is that the face of a cold, hardened, corpse-robbing criminal or what? Seriously, if anyone has any novel ideas for making him come when he's called I'd love to hear them!


Mel said…
Okay, my trick for getting a dog to come to me whose real inclination is to run is to squat down so I'm at eye level with them and then call them not with an angry, demanding voice but with a "come here and get a goody" voice. It works most of the time.
Terri Browne said…
That Ben is a crafty boy!!! Have you tried turning and running to get him to chase you? That might work if he likes to play chase.

Punkin is a cutie!!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Like Mel said, and open your arms up big and wide so they have a cone to run into. Maybe a treat in your mouth will help... too funny, rolling the corpse for a treat!
Mo said…
It's very hard to compete with the thrill of a good chase!

It may sound strange but he might come back to you if you get down and pretend to look at something in the grass with your hands.

My dogs are very nosy and hate to miss out on anything so they usually run over to see what they are missing.
MollyBeees said…
OMG Mo! That just might work....especially if he thinks I lost a treat in the grass! :0)
Kitty Mommy said…
Mr. Bentley...we're on to you. We know you are trying to make your mama crazy. She's got friends who are watching you...
dale-harriet said…
I recognize that Beautiful Scene, and I KNOW those interesting people, and I'm so GLAD you got to go! (I really missed not going this year so thanks for the pictures!) I am SO loving your mom for succumbing to Punkin (he knows a good thing when he sees it). And remind me (Friday night?) to tell you about my husband's "robbing the corpse" story, it's almost as good as Ben's.
PS: my secret word is "gurbob" and I don't know what that is but it's appearing in my next story.
Gales of laughter over here. I like that Punkin kitty.
Cindy G said…
Oh Ben, Ben, Ben, you are not going to qualify for rescue dog school, I can tell you that right now.