Monday, December 18, 2006

Tis The Season To Be Frantic!

How can a person who got all of her shopping and wrapping and errands for Christmas done before Thanksgiving get to be so frantic the week before the big day??? There is some weird voodoo, fung shui, mystical thing at work here. This week is Christmas Party central-one tonight, one Thursday night, two Friday and then up to Mr. Bee's folks on Saturday. Got the gifties, but forgot about all of the cooking! Whew!
My Mum sent this picture of her cute piggies in the God Awful Green Socks I knit and then pawned off….ahem…that is to say…gifted her with…when I was in Maine this summer; thus making me have to pay up since I bet that they would never grace her feet. Note to self: always use ‘inside voice’ when betting around Mum.

This is a link to my new favorite thing.
I’ve made one for everyone that I have a photo on my computer for. Tooo funny! Thank you Joey T. for being the first to humiliate yourself!

The countdown is on to being able to post more pictures! Soon the secret Christmas projects won’t be secret anymore. I do have one of my Lucy Neatby socks that I knit for myself done. I will try and post that later this week. Her merino Celestial sock yarn may ruin me for any other sock yarn from now on. Too bad it’s like $30 a skein! Shoulda thought to hook up with Santa on that count earlier. Is it too early to start my wish list for next year? I promise I'll be very, very good.

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peaknits said...

To be frantic indeed! Good luck wrapping up every new little challenge and enjoying these great parties! Merry Knitmas!! I mean Christmas of course - not to be a blasphemous knitter. :)

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