Thursday, October 03, 2013

New Tangle Pattern: Hastings

While I was home this time, I noticed the pattern on the chenille bedspread that my Mum had on the guest bed. Below is the pattern. I called it Hastings because I wrote it down on the day that my cousin, Rhonda and I slogged through a muddy woods road and ATV trail to get to Hasting's Falls in the northern Maine woods. I've included pictures of the falls afterward. Totally worth the slog! Enjoy!

 Hastings and variations
Upstream from the falls-stair steps!

Hastings Falls-at the top

 Hastings Falls-over the edge! (25 foot drop)

I might be biased but I think there is no place more beautiful on the planet that the lands in the shadow of Mount Katahdin!


dan said...

Mount kathadin? Wasn't that in lord of the rings?

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the opening scene of the Sound of Music

Anonymous said...

Love the tangle!! You can go so many ways with it. Thanks

Deni(se) said...

Just checked the date on your original post of Hastings. It's amusing to me that today it is a sparkling NEW gift for me to try AND ENJOY while you have probably moved on to other creations. Regardless thanks for sharing your creativity.

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