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Wild Ride

To say that the last week has been a wild ride would be a vast understatement. I reconnected with my birth family and found out that I have a whole slew of sisters and a brother, who have welcomed me with open arms. It's been an overwhelming, wonderful, roller-coaster ride putting all of the little pieces of the story together. With the good comes the bad. A tornado hit just up the street from our house. We didn't get any damage, but have been picking up tiles, insulation and pulverized dry wall (tornado loogies) all week, It's been crazy weather with storm after storm and we've had 3 tornado warnings so far, flooding, mudslides. Wheeee! So far no one has been seriously hurt, just a lot of property damage and things can be replaced.  I was playing with Knightsbridge the other night and came up with some new tangle patterns. At least I think they're new. I have't seen them anywhere before. They are really 'variations' on Kightsbridge but I named

Baby Animal Weekend

Saturday was 'Girl's Day Out' for friend, Klara, and I. We were on the road from Stoughton to Oregon and saw a sign that said 'Baby Animal Weekend'. Huh! No brainer! The first thing we acquired was this. Who could it be for? Nope, not this guy. Not this guy either although he would have taken it if offered. He was very unsatisfied with just my thumb. It was for THIS guy!  Teeny tiny baby goat!  We saw Highland Cattle, Catfish, baby turkeys, lambies, horses, donkeys and various birds. They also had New Zeland Pigs, called Kunekune (Say it 'Cooney-Cooney'), which were the most adorable things ever! We also spotted an escaped bird of some kind on the lamb on the grounds. People had tried to catch him but he was too wily. He was groovin' out on being  a fugitive from capture.  I told Klara to hold my purse and nabbed him without too much difficulty.  Lots of practice at the barn! After that, we went to Heartland to say hi