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Keep The Faith

I got a book on Zentangling letters a week or so ago. I finally sat down with it while The Hatfields and McCoys was on last night and gave it a whirl. Not really happy with the 'aith' but am pretty pleased with the 'F'. Not bad for a first try. I see lots of Zen words in my future! Fun!

Diva Challenge: Crescent Moon

This week's Diva Challenge was to do a tile using only the Crescent Moon pattern and it's variations. I tried it using squares, triangles and hearts as the 'moon' with varying degrees of success. I'm not happy with the tile, but it's the only one I have time for this week so it will have to do! It was a sad weekend at The Farm. We lost two hens (Penny and Gigi) and a rooster (Mr. Pickles) to a raccoon attack. They were all sweethearts and Gigi was especially adorable with her little, fluffy pantaloons. They will be sorely missed. Also, Toby-the-calf got moooo-ved (get it?) to his temporary home in New Glarus. He needs to spend time in the company of other cows because, quite frankly, I don't think he knows he is one. He's part dog, part people. We'll get him back in the future when he's done attending 'how to be a cow' school and we have a new facility built but there will be a big, empty hole in the barn and in our hearts until h

Diva Challenge: Pea'nuckle

This week's challenge from the Diva's blog was to use the new pattern 'Pea-nuckle' in a tangle. I was excited to start but soon realized that it's a difficult pattern for me. The spacing has to be pretty correct so that you can connect everything and really make it shine.  It's the pattern there on the left hand side. As you can see, I failed miserably.  I'll keep trying. It looks great if it's done correctly. It was still a fun challenge and neat to do it in the small size that official 'Zetangles' are supposed to be-3.5' square. I usually use a lot more real estate. Thanks again Diva for a great challenge and a relaxing evening!

Brush With Celebrity

I went to see Who's Line Is It Anyway-Live at The Overture Center this weekend. Walking in from the parking garage I looked to my left and saw a gentleman, sharply dressed in black, talking on his cell phone.  Two steps later I  realized it was Greg Proops , one of the improvisational comedians from the show. I did the stereotypical double take and waved. He gave a kind of  'Oh-My-God-If-I-Give-Even-The-Subtlest-Encouragement-This-Lady-Is-Going-To-Come-Over-Here-And-No-One-Wants-To-See-That-Happen' lift of the chin in acknowledgement. You know...the kind you don't get it you're 19...and blonde...and stacked. Anyway, I was glad just to have a wee brush with one of  The Shiny People to add to my list. The show was phenomenal. I am amazed at the quick wit and talent of that kind of comedian. I've been a Ryan Styles fan since I first saw him on The Drew Cary Show and he certainly didn't let me down Saturday. Chip and Jeff were outstanding as usual.  Brilliant

Bits and Giggles

I have another sighting to add to my bird list.  Earlier this week I was surprised to see what turned out to be a Virginia Rail in a tree by the pond across the street from my house. And last night I saw this. This is a rare and elusive  El Pato . She was not very scared of people. I walked pretty close to her to get this shot with my phone.  They are noted for their plaintive cry, ' Graznar! Gaznar !' I know this is an El Pato and not a regular old duck because she was standing outside the front door of  Cuco's Mexican Restaurant. Had a nice dinner with friends. Here you see 'Senor Scottada' after his really big Margarita...ole! I tried to have my picture taken but  I am 'fun-sized' and apparently this is just a photo op for tall people.  My face only came to the mariachi guys chest! My  face only came to the mariachi guys chest! You could see a little bit of my hair though. Looked like he had a beard, but no face. It was horrifying!

Diva Challenge # 70-Colour Me Sepia

This week's Diva Challenge was so much fun! Ben and I sat out on the patio last night. We're getting to be real accomplished patio-sitters, me 'n' Ben! I ate my supper and worked on the challenge in the gorgeous spring weather. I met new neighbor Phil and his dog, Hershey. And I was glad to chat with my upstairs neighbor, Annie and her dog Finnegan.  Annie is doing well after her date with the hunky EMTs and fireman who swept her off her feet and took her away on Saturday. Just another beautiful evening in the 'hood.  The Challenge is called "Colour Me Sepia"...and yes, 'colour' is spelled like that because she's from Canada so she's allowed.  I am merely guilty by association and will return to the more uncultured spelling of things after this post.  But for now I like the flavour.  But I digress....  The challenge was to use brown in the typically black and white tangle. I decided to take the challenge literally and use the brown

One Goat In, Two Goats Out

Although the weekend got off to a rough start , it turned out to be pretty eventful. I went to breakfast and to see Dark Shadows (campy) with a friend on Saturday morning. The day was so beautiful that after our breakfast at Hubbard Avenue Diner , we got a walk in before the movie started. Saturday afternoon I found myself uber exhausted and decided that the chores I had planned could be shelved in deference to gorgeous weather and Mr. Ben and I parked ourselves outside in the fresh air. It wasn't too long before an ambulance and fire truck pulled up and carted my new upstairs neighbor off to the Emergency Room. Not sure what happened. It was encouraging to see her walk down the steps of her own volition (although heavily assisted) after the hunky firemen busted her door down to get her out. I told her not to worry about her dog Finnegan.  Ben and I would go get him and take care of him. Turns out Finn is a carbon copy of Ben. He's a boxer lab mix of the same size,

Diva Challenge # 69-Groovy

The first Monday of the month, the Diva calls for a UMT (Use My Tangle) Challenge. She chooses a tangle pattern invented by one of her loyal followers and challenges everyone to use it in a design. This week's UMT called for the use of   Eden's tangle 'Groovy' .  Yesterday was one of those I looked forward to actually sitting down for the evening and working on this one, no cookin', no laundry', no nuthin', just me and the pen. All of the issues I'd been ruminating on all day fell away and it was just lines and curves. By the end of the evening I was much calmer, relaxed and ready to go to sleep. I cannot begin to tell you the immeasurable ways that tangling has helped me with all kinds of angsty, depression, anxiety-type issues. I SO encourage everyone to give it a try.  Yes you CAN do it; one pen stroke at a time, line by line. No one has to see it but you. You'll be amazed at how you feel. It's almost like hypnosis and it gives your

Ben and Molly Sitting In a Tree.....

♫ Ben has a  girlfriend! ♫ Ben has a girlfriend!♫ Miss Molly is spending a couple of days with us while her folks go away for the weekend. She's a looker, Molly is.  About 8 " tall and maybe 6 lbs (if you strap another mini dachshund to her back)! She's an older girl and doesn't let Ben push her around just because of his size. She thought he  took a little getting used to at first, but they were buddies within a couple of hours.  This morning though, he strolled by  while she was eating her breakfast and she bared her teeth and let him have it with her best 'I-Will-Eat-Your-Face-Off-If-You-Come-One-Step-Closer' growl and Ben was all like, 'Uh...Gosh...My mistake, Ma'am!' and couldn't back up fast enough. Girl Power! I walked them separately last night, but together this morning. It was like a circus sideshow; Ben oblivious to the fact that there was anyone outside with him at all and Molly creatively macrame-ing his paws together b

DUOTANGLE Challenge: Hybrid and Strircles

This week's challenge over at The Diva's blog  is to create a tangle using just two patterns: Hybrid and Strircles. Here is my attempt: I really enjoyed this one since I use these patterns a lot. Thanks again for a wonderful challenge Diva!