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Ticks, Treasure and Things That Go Poof In The Night!

Where is the time going????? All of a sudden tomorrow is June!?!?! How did that happen? I can totally see how the oil companies could be ‘unprepared for seasonal changes’. [That was the last reason I heard for the exorbitant gas prices….”Sorry American Public, we had absolutely no idea summer was coming this year! So in response to this huge surprise we will be offering second mortgages on your homes so you can afford enough fuel to get to work every day”] I’m not prepared for the heat. I’m not prepared for all of the events; weddings, graduations, festivals. Sigh! Time, she flies, no? I waxed all poetical-like about our Geocaching experience last weekend. But you know the old saying that ‘it’s always fun until someone gets hurt’. Well, Geocaching is always fun until you discover you’re infested with TICKS ! Ewwwwwww! We went to get a cache that was in high weeds and when we came out they were everywhere! We picked off as many as we could and still found more when we got home. I hate

Wonderful Weekend

So far the boys are getting along fine and providing lots of entertainment for us! They are so little trouble that Mr. Bee had to actually talk me down from bringing a 6week-old puppy home from PetSmart yesterday; a golden/Irish Setter mix. I held her while she was asleep and she was all warm and floppy-like. Soooo cute! He had to reeeaaaaaalllly paint a picture as to how different things would be when she woke up to convince me to walk away! Today we went geocaching with friends E, E and R. The thing I love most about caching is seeing new parks and beautiful spots that I otherwise wouldn't know were there. There is something to be said for spending a few hours where things are quiet and green. Or along the creeks and lakes... with good friends... May your Memorial Day weekend be filled with such simple pleasures!

Knitting Stuff and Big Doggie Stuff

I'm working like a mad dog on yet another multidirectional scarf. This time in the bright colored wool/acrylic that I got at The Ear on Friday. I was about 8 inches into it when it hit me that all of the colors exactly match those of hi-liter markers, so heretofore it shall be known the ‘Cramming For Exams’ scarf. (It's not as wonky as it looks in this picture, though it will need to be blocked.) It will be perfect for a little 7 year-old friend come Christmas time! I am filling up my gift box with all kinds of little treats for giving. Feels good to have stuff on hand rather than sitting up until midnight on Christmas Eve finishing projects! If you haven’t read Jodi Picoult ’s ‘Nineteen Minutes’, do so. It was AWESOME! All of her books are, but this one really resonated with me. I read it right after the Virginia Tech massacre. The book is about a high school shooting, bullying and cliques . It doesn ’t get all gun-control-y and really looks at what happens to kids that don

Finished Object/Half Finished Object/ and Gratuitous Swag Shots

Knit Night at The Sow's Ear on Friday night was a blast. I started another multi directional scarf (pinks and greys) and bought fiber for another (aqua, pink, yellow). I'm not TOOOO addicted...yeah right. I sat at the Troublemaker's Table which may or may not have been called that simply because I sat there-I'm not tellin '. When the conversations turned to nuns underwear, or ' nunderwear ' ,I knew I was in the right place. Another tasty tidbit was when Friend-Anne said that she had recently seen a sign in a restaurant that said, "Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy" which set us all off. That's the kind of night it favorite kind. The Ear has been sold to someone else, but looks like things are going to stay much the way they are right now. The new owners were introduced and were really sweet. Don't know what I'd do without my favorite local fix! Spent all day yesterday sick. It was a glorious day and

Knitting and Dog Blog Updates

I took the multi-directional scarf class from Liz at Sow's Ear on Saturday and am soooo addicted! I finished up my Virginia Tech squares (here are two of the four) in record time so that could work more on it. I'm not thrilled with the Silk Garden Koigu . It's a beautiful color but it's not evenly spun and is absolutely full of 'stuff', sticks and mossy junk, but I LOVE the method! Liz is a great teacher with lots of experience and the other ladies in the class were really sweet so it was a great time. And of course what would a blog entry from me be without gratuitous Bentley shots? When the 10 # kitty comes up on the love seat to snuggle, he curls up on the arm rest. Doesn't work so well for 70# doggies. Bentley and Mr Bee watching NASCAR . They both love the way the cars go round and round. Mr. Bee wants to drive one. Bentley wants to ride in one and stick his head out the window! What a pair!

Beware! Camels Aren't The Only Animals That Spit!

I’ve almost finished my second, eight inch square for the Virginia Tech Project. I'm using some beautiful winter-white wool/alpaca yarn that is sooooo soft. I am just knitting background patterns; one has a little checkerboard and the other is seed stitch. I am trying out stitches to see what I will use on my gansey sweater whenever I get to it. I would like to make one square for each of the victim's families, but the deadline is the end of May and I might not have time. I’ll see what I get done. Photos to follow in a couple of days. I have a short row (multidirectional) scarf class at The Sow’s Ear this Saturday that I am really looking forward to. Liz is one of my favorite teachers. I could probably figure out the pattern myself but I’m too lazy and too social. Afterward, it will take all of my almost nonexistent 'will power' to put the scarf down and continue work on my squares through the rest of the month. Knit Night is next Friday (18th). I usually get at least 5

Tissue Tiffs and Frogger Dog

It was an interesting weekend. Mr. Bee and I went to Belleville on Sat. a.m. to some yard sales. My best find was a huge box of old “Crafts” magazines…FOR FREE! Also found a cool tea strainer and some great toys for friend’s kids who came to visit Sat. night. We had a friend P& B and E over for pizza and games. They have three kids between them; 12, 6 and 3. Sunday was E’s birthday so we had a cake and some of those ice cream ‘Dibs’ which the three year old though was manna sent from Heaven directly to him! Way easier than scooping too! We played Scattergories which was fun. The very first question on the very first list was to write down something that started with the letter G that you’d find in a dessert. So I wrote grapenuts (since my Mum makes grapenut pudding). I’m so proud of myself. I think I have a unique answer because I’ve never seen grapenut pudding out here in the Midwest so when we check the answers I am the first to yell out, “Grapenuts”. Did you know that the word ‘

Wednesday Afternoon Smile

Am almost finished the leg on Mr. Bee’s second sock! I am trying to rush through it so I can make a couple of squares for the Virginia Tech project: ( ) I figured it would be a perfect excuse to try some of the pattern stitches from my new Gansey book and see what I like without committing to a whole sweater with summer coming on. Also I have a class at The Sow’s Ear on May 12. It’s a short one on Multi-Directional scarves. Should be fun! We are going with friends-D & T. to see Loreena McKennett ( ) in concert tonight. Can’t wait! I just love her music and we always have a blast with D & T.. Rumor has it there might be violet gelato involved either before or after. It’s all good. I’ll leave you with a joke my friend-S told me last night as he cut my hair: Q:What did the bra say to the hat? A:“You go on ahead and I’ll give these two a lift.” Boo! I know! But it made you smile didn ’t it!