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Diva's Border Challenge and Blessing of the Animals

This week's Diva Challenge was to look around our immediate area at things that have borders or can be used as ideas for borders and use them in a tangle. Each of the coils has a border that's in my living room.  From the upper left and going clockwise: The wooden beading around the edge of my telephone table, the grill of my heat vent, the design around the top of a pottery piece, the border of a pillow on my sofa, the edge of a piece of  pre digital era film, My guitar neck and the middle one is a hank of beads I'm using for a knitting project. Fun and great to do while watching Bones, Sleepy Hollow and Castle! Thanks again Diva! Yesterday I volunteered to help the animal outreach volunteer at Heartland take animals to Primrose Lutheran Church for a 'Blessing of the Animal's service. It was an amazingly incredible experience. I wish our church had done it. I would have been all over that! I loaded Ricky and Fonzie the roosters into my car... And Fay

Knightsbridge and Tipple

This week's Diva Challenge was to use two patterns "Knightsbridge (checkerboard) and Tipple (bubbles). I had to do it rather quickly but I kind of like how it turned out! Thanks for another great challenge, Laura!