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Molly Bee Mammoth Wrangler

Last week, I packed one of my kids off to a science conference in San Diego. While he was there, he messaged that he attended a fabulous talk about woolly mammoths. Being a huge natural-science geek, and lover of all things animal..including extinct ones, I immediately sent him a reply. Something polite and respectful I'm sure, to the effect that he should 'bring me a baby woolly mammoth or not come home at all'.  Actually that may have been the exact directive. Being a scientist, he was quick to explain that technology was not quite there yet.  Scientists aren't yet able to actually clone a mammoth and that I would have to be patient. Yeah. Right. Have you met me? I responded that be that as it may, he should just bring home a little that would fit under the seat in front of him. Yes, that would be just fine. I mean, I'm nothing if not practical and thrifty.  No need to pay another bag fee for a non-existent-at-this-point-in-time mammoth for little old

Super Supper Soups

Tis the season for soup!!! I found the basic recipe for this soup online and tinkered with it a bit. It's delish! Steak Supper Soup 3 C chopped  potatoes (I used fingerlings and pretty much just halved them. I left the skins on. You could use any potatoes.) 1.5 # good quality stew meat (not too fatty) chopped bite sized 1 sm. onion chopped 1 sm bag of frozen corn (not in original recipe-I added it.  It would be good with beans , peas or one of those bags of all three. Fresh chopped carrots would also work-I'm trying that next time.) 3 sm cans of beef broth 1 c thick brown steak sauce (not BBQ or Worcestershire sauce) 1 TBS chili powder 1 tsp cumin.  1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper if desired (I didn't) Dry parsley if desired (I didn't) Throw 'er all in the crock pot and let 'er rip for 8-10 hours on low. Doesn't get easier than that and Oh-My-Yum! Plus I forgot I made it so when I came home and smelled supper ready it was a pleasant surprise. I spr

Not So Artsy Lately

With the busy holidays and the inevitable crash after, I've not felt very 'arty' lately. While Mum was here, I framed up some completed pieces that I had done for the art show at my company. Green Mandala Orange Mandala                                                                 Blue Mandala                                Weird Science Mostly I've been knitting. Mum and I both knit up a storm while she was here. The frigid weather just called for it! My new year's resolution was to completely use up the skein of sock yarn when I make a pair, so the first skein of the season yielded a pair of women's medium socks, a pair of toddler socks (given to the toddler next door) and three pairs of mitten ornaments (the two not pictured were given to friends before I could take the picture). There is a small ball left over that will go with the socks for darning if needed. Actually I knit another pair of toddler socks but didn&

The Holidays

Haven't posted in a while. Mum was out visiting us over the holidays so we were busy having a good time, although my butt is still sore from having in consistently handed to me playing Phase Ten! She got here on the 19th and Kevin came up from Paris,IL to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. It's the first time we've been together for the actual day in 20 years or more. Mum was surprised and we had a great time with Bubber Kev. We ate good food, watched movies, played games and laughed a lot. We just enjoyed one another's company-very low key. Nice memories were made.  While she was here, we went to see the play Guys On Ice and got to visit with the cast. We went to see three movies: Father Figures, Downsized and All The Money In The World. Enjoyed them all. Shopped, went out to eat,  played eat the Casino (went in with $40 each and came out with almost $600 between us) and drove to Sauk Prairie to see the bald eagles.  Only saw one but saw lots of B