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Fifteen Minutes Of Foot Fame

I got my big honkin' bandages off today. After dragging them around and stewing in the for two weeks, I almost brushed the nurse with her little cuticle scissors away and ripped them all off in one swell foop. I can't describe the feeling of fresh, air-conditioned air on my leg and tootsies. Ahhhhh! Doc K. came in and took one look and said that it was healing beautifully. I think there was about 10-12 stitches which they took out and replaced with butterflies. He said that he took photos of the tendon when it was opened up and used them for a lecture down at the UW. Let's hope he just got my heel in the shot and not by butt hanging out of my lovely revealing gown. Least I had my best undies far as I know. I checked and they were there before anesthesia and were on when I got home so I'm fairly confident that there isn't some website called 'www dot mollybees tookus' out there somewhere. So now, I am back in my aircast, complete with fishy-st

Noro Socks

Plain Vanilla Pattern

The View From Here

I got out today! That's right! Molly Bee went mobile and took it on the road! It took a little doing and kind of felt like a bad prison break movie, but galldernit, I wheeled myself around the library and Target! I even washed and dried my hair and put on makeup....just like a real person! Just that much wiped me out though so I spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the wonderful view (see right) and recouping. But it was worth it! Especially since I scored a boatload of knitting mags at the library! Today starts Socks of Summer 2008. I broke out a skein of Nuro and started knitting away. Our neighbor brought us over his "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" DVD's and we've been watching those. There are 144 episodes! That's a lot of socks! And they (the episodes and the socks) are a lot less scary now that I'm off the heavy drugs! Our neighbors and friends have been great. The neighbors down on the corner had a big graduation party for the teenage daughter

Pity Party

I know I should wait a few days and get some perspective on this whole thing, but instead I've decided to throw myself a pity party of epic proportions. And ya'll are invited, you lucky ducks! If you RSVP 'No Thanks', best click out now as the whining is about to commence! [Hello ( echo...echo...echo ...) Anyone still here? ( Crickets chirping ) Oh, Hi Mum! Thanks for staying...] Now I know that there are lots of pros as well as cons to this whole thing, but right now the cons won't bet their big butts out of the way so I can see the pros so I thought maybe a Pro/Con list is in order to clear things up for myself. Cons It Sucks! It Sucks! It Really, Really Sucks! I thought I had prepared myself for being disabled. In reality, I never imagined it would be this difficult. It's such a helpless, hopeless, trapped feeling. Gimping all the way for the couch to the bathroom is an epic journey that has to be contemplated and worked up to. Yup! Major suckage . Ch

Weekend update

Went to the Sow's Ear on Saturday morning to participate in International 'Knit in Public' day. We, at The Ear, took it one step further and sat outside and knit. I took one for the International 'Knit In Public' team early on by getting stung by a hornet right above my concrete boot! Knitting in Public is dangerous! [Actually knitting in private is dangerous for the likes of me as well. Just last week I stabbed myself in the collarbone with a #2 straight whilst knitting 4" garter stitch squares. Honestly I need a keeper!] At any rate, it was worth it. Mad City Mike dropped by to introduce himself. I have been reading his blog for a while now. He is an accomplished knitter and weaver who just started spinning as well! He's doing amazingly well. Scoot over there and look. Go ahead! I'll wait!....................What didja think? Really cool right!?! I know! And he's just as charming, sweet and handsome in person! Shirley was there and so was Jen al

Superior Service With A Smile, Dude!

Put together a pizza lunch at work today for my kids and a colleague who’s visiting from Spain. Called the local pizza joint and ordered 5 large pizzas and soda. Told him I needed it at noon. He asked me how 11:30 worked for me? I told him that my meeting was at noon and that I didn ’t want the pies sitting around getting cold for 30 minutes before lunch. I had called plenty early and I’d need it between 11:50 and noon. He told me that he understood and that he’d take care of it. At 11:30, the Front Desk called and said that the pizza guy was here and wanted to talk to me. I went down and found out that he was delivering pizza to someone else in the building at 11:30 and had my order in the car. He said, and I quote, “Dude, do you just want yer pizza now? Or I can, like, drive around with it for 20 minutes or so and bring it back….” Heavy sigh…. I told him that I would accept the order. He gave me 4 pizzas and asked me to sign the slip. I asked where the other pizza was and he said tha

Update-y Goodness

Knit Night was a blast on Friday and I got my pink socks finished: I did the heel a little differently: But otherwise they are just plain old white bread socks. I just loved the color so much I didn't want to gum up the works with a fancy- schmancy pattern: (Click on the photos to biggify) Amy D. was there which is always a blast and a whole group of us worked on an especially vicious New York Times crossword puzzle. It took 4 hours and about a million IQ points to finish, but we finally got it. The last clue was:"What a crossword editor says to puzzle solvers". The answer was "Try Googling This". Since we had had to Google a good portion of the puzzle on Amy's Blackberry (which as everyone knows is actually a Purpleberry ) we all felt likeWill Shorts had caught us all cheating. His name was cursed. Repeatedly. I just wasn't in the mood to spin this weekend. I couldn't calm down and sit still enough.The weather scared the bejeepers out of me al

Pathetic Pictures of Swag Swag Swag!

To make up for a kinda crappy week (Mr. Bee has a cold and ear infection and I'm in De Nile Knee Deep that I'm coming down with it too. I DO NOT want to postpone my surgery !) the Yarn Gods have shown fit to smile upon me to compensate! This is pure, goat, mohair pencil roving that one of our field reps sent from her hobby farm on the West Coast. She sent 4 spirals, two for me and two for one of my kids who spins ( waaaaaay better than me). She said if we liked it she'd cut us a deal on future orders. You cannot imagine how soft this stuff is. I just want to throw it on the floor and roll in it. Bentley does too! Should I dye it before I spin, after I spin or leave it natural? Oh the glorious decisions! I also raked in a haul from Knit Picks. I decided that I was gonna get me a set of Harmony #2's, what with all the sock knitting coming up and all. Don't need them but they are so beautiful I couldn't deny myself one little set of double points..... After all,