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This and That...Here and There...

It's been a full couple of weeks. We have been out and about quite a bit; seeing the Baraboo Tiger Sanctuary, walking at the park in Belleville, and just rambling about in general.  The highlight was when we went to see John Edward last Thursday night and it was very good. He was very warm, personable, funny and entertaining. We didn't get read, but lot of other people did and he is very convincing. He said a couple of things in his teaching moments that really resonated with me. We really enjoyed it.  When we have some down time, we've been playing Qwirkle, doodling, reading, walking and knitting. I finished another Ben Kwok piece which I kind of like. I didn't really like it (the entire composition, not the template) until I put the music notes around it. That seemed to perk it up a little.  No less that nine different friends sent me this picture; allowing that I need this yarn bowl in my collection.  Huh. I can't think of why! :-)  I found th

Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper is one cool cat, and I mean that in every sense of the word. In the 'groovy/cool' way and in the disinterested and aloof way. He's the funniest cat I've ever owned. He NEVER comes when you call his name or when you put your hand down, but he's always around, curious about what you're doing and lurking in the background.  Unless you want him in the background, and then he's on the counters, table or  otherwise in your face and exactly where you DON'T want him to be.  He does live up to his name though. His name is Sheldon Cooper* because no matter where you sit, you're in his spot. Here he is on a saddle stool that I put in the middle of the living room  so I could scrub the dining room floor. The stool has two oval holes in the middle as a 'handle'. I love the way his fur is poofing down through the hole. He is a Maine Coon and has all of the fur but only weights 8#; he's nothing but hair...and teeth. Our Coop is n

Administrative Professional's Day

OMGosh! You will not believe what my kids (coworkers) just pulled off-a surprise Administrative Professional's Day lunch!                                      They gave me a card and a tiara...purple of course! And decorated the tables with purple decorations We had baked potatoes with all the fixin's and green salad (and purple pop). YUM! Hope even made me a purple cake with real flowers! While we ate lunch, they played a looping slide show of all of the silly email pictures I've sent them in the last year and then after lunch they played 'How Well Do You Know Melinda' trivia!  I was so surprised....I'd forgotten about Admin's Day and I can't believe they pulled it all off without me finding out! I am one pleased Admin today! What a great group of folks to be with every day! How blessed am I?

Diva Challenge 212: Fanz

This week's challenge came at an opportune moment because I had been working on Ben Kwok's toucan in my art journal and didn't have any ideas on what to put in the bottom space. Fanz ! Of course! Why didn't I think of that! I've really been enjoying the new drawing journals that I found at Michael's. 8.5" x 5.5". Smooth paper; very little if any tooth. Only 40 sheets and flat-no spiral or glue. I've been shrinking down Ben's templates and putting them in there along with some of my favorite quotes. Unfortunately, that's all I want to do since I started the journal last week and chores etc. have gone by the wayside. So be it.  I am going to the library tonight to hear a talk by Susan Holding on her new book The Little French Bakery cookbook.  Susan and I worked together for three years at a local medical clinic. She was an RN. She decided to follow her passion and went to France to learn to make a pastry-atrician? I&#

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Spring is the time of renewal and change. The winter snow changes to melting puddles (trust me, People Of The Northeast, it will happen!) and the bare trees give way to buds and leaves. All of the changes around me have me in a good, but reflective, mood this spring about changes in my own life. This little guy was my WIP last week. He 'bout sums it all up. It was a relatively quiet weekend. I went to Knit Night with  Elizabeth, Jen and Colin on Friday night. The other Knit Chicks were attending Seder dinner for Passover.  The music was pretty good. I got a lot done on the socks I'm working on. We had fun chatting and throwing sarcasm, and pithy observations around; none of which I'm allowed to repeat, 'cause, you know, what happens at Knit Night stays at Knit Night.  Saturday, I was in a clean-y mood, which rarely happens, so I took the opportunity to neaten up the basement, wash a couple of windows and organize my sock yarn. I dug out my umbrella swift and