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Noelle's Baptism Gown

Today was Sweet Willie Browne's sister's baptism day.  Here is her sweet self in the christening gown I knit for her. Is she not the most beautiful little angel?  As her Aunt Min, I may be a little biased, but I don't think so!

Fire At The Camp

My Aunt and Uncle have a camp on a lake about 10 minutes from my Mum's house. My Grandfather built it and it's been a family tradition to spend lots of time there each summer. The recent hurricane dropped a lot of rain and the water is really high! Usually there is a shore line to walk, but not this year!  The docks are even all floating! The camp is the first one on a cove so the water is shallow and calm.  I love evenings there. My Grandfather drilled a hole in the granite rock in front of the camp for the tractor seat when he built the camp in the 1940s. It's an awesome spot to sit and reflect on things. One of my favorite things about camp is having a fire in the granite stone fireplace.  This year, the DNR had allowed my uncle to remove a pesky beaver dam near the camp and it had been out drying all summer. We used the sticks and logs to start a wicked good hot dog roasting fire! My aunt, uncle, cousin-Eric, Mum and I roasted hot dogs and fed the fire all evening. It

Sherman Old Home Days

I was lucky enough to time my trip this year so that I could attend the Sherman Old Home Days Festival.  I haven't been since I was a kid.   There were games, a parade, a craft fair, a talent show, and live music but the highlight is the homemade pumpkin donuts!  Once a year a bunch of folks get together for one day and make hundreds of pumpkin donuts at the festival.  They are cooked in the front yard of a house. The Donut Hole! Get it? The ladies at the head of the line make the dough and then the next ones cut out the donuts. The guys fry them up in hot oil. Batch after batch! The smell is amazing! We got a couple and then went back to our spot to watch the parade.  It was pretty good for such a small town; lots of floats, music, art displays, Shriner's go carts, etc.  Here is a pic of my favorite entry; literally a 'dog and pony show'.  I love that the dog is bigger than the pony! (Click to Biggify.  It's worth it!) Had a wonderful time and got to see folks

Maine Doodles

Just got back from two weeks back home in Maine. Had a wonderful time with Mum as always. Over the next several days I'll post pics from my adventures. I got some doodling done while I was away. I drew this cat for a Humane Society Benefit in Houlton Maine. And thus encouraged by filling in animal outlines, entered my 'Lobster Period'.  Here is one that is finished and in the Marion Burton (of the Rancho Cordova Burtons donchaknow)  collection. All of the designs in it are sea based; jelly fish, shells, starfish, trap rope, buoys, fish, clams, scallops, eels, anemones, coral. Hopefully that will distract the viewer from noticing that it's a mutant lobster with two too many legs.  I have another two lobster ones, with the correct amount of legs that that aren't complete yet. I'm thinking about Maine tshirt designs. Anyway, wonderful trip.  Loved rammin' around with Mum and the folks. More pics and details to follow.