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It's Good To Have Skills

I just love my job. Just when you think I’ve heard it all, I have a day like yesterday. One of my ‘kids’ came to me and asked for my help. His problem? His computer screen ‘was turned completely upside down’. And you know what? It was! The monitor was upright, but the image? On its head completely! So I poked around and fixed it. Just as I was laughing that weird things like that don’t pop up too often, another ‘kid’ came over and asked for help getting her ‘air pump needle unstuck from her bouncy ball’. No joke. She used exactly those words. She was filling up one of those exercise ball [because the current trend here is to sit on them instead of your chair which amuses me] She finished blowing it up with a bike pump and the needle wouldn’t come out. I fixed that too; two new skills to add to my resume, image uprighting and bouncy ball unsticking. That’s what you get working for scientists. They can split the atom, but they can’t change the toner in the copier….or apparently b

Long Overdue Update...

Apparently the thing on my it WAS a corn (and not a horn!)….results came back benign-thank goodness. Still waiting to hear about Mr. Bee’s. Was more than a little blue this Turkey Day so didn’t do much by way of celebrating. I launched an assault on my messy house on Friday while Mr. Bee was out. How do two people create such a mess!? Put up some outdoor Xmas decorations because it was warm out. I refuse to turn them on until at least the 1st of December though! I’m still not ‘Christmassy’ yet. Although all of my shopping is done which is good! I spent Saturday scouring the countryside for my favorite Celestial Seasoning Holiday tea. Walgreens had them on sale 2/$5 (and one Walgreens had them entered into their computer incorrectly as buy one get one free so it was $2.99 for two!). I got enough to do me for the year if I ration wisely. I may even give a couple of boxes away to special friends….but they have to be VEEEEERRRRYYYY special. No pics but I am working like a fiend on the

Oh The Humanity!!! The Saga Continues...

So Mr. Bee goes to Dr. W. today to have a thing removed from HIS arm. Not only did Dr. W. rat me out about me trying to con him into a big bandage for my tiny head boo-boo yesterday; he bandaged Mr. Bee’s arm up like he had broken it at the shoulder or something. He only has three stitches on his forearm and he’s got this groovy ace bandage thing going on all up his arm. I’ve been hosed! I think they are in cahoots. To add insult to injury, Dr. W sent him home with a roll of the ace bandagy stuff 'in case I want to wrap it around my head’. Hardy Har Har! A little late to get a free supper out of it now! Especially since the jig is up! Revenge is mine sayeth Molly Bee! I started a pair of socks at lunch today for my Grammie for Christmas. I got the softest, light, plain, peach Jaarwool. No funky stripes for Grammie. Then I got a skein of Trek in yucky browns, tans and greys-boy colors- to make a pair for my brother. Don’t know if he’ll wear them or not, but he tromps around in the

Cooking Up Some Dinner-One Way Or The Other

So I had this little ‘thing’ removed from my forehead today. Don’t know what it was. Public opinion varied from, ‘I don’t see anything at all’ to ‘I knew your horns would come in some day’. Dr. W. is having a biopsy done on it and will let me know if it is indeed an actual horn. I hope so. What a proud day that will be. There may be photos involved. So in my ongoing effort to get out of cooking dinner, I tried to bully….eh…that is…gently coax Dr. W. into a turban-esque-whole-head bandage. My plan was to milk this puppy for all it was worth and guilt Mr. Bee in to talking my poor, injured-now-recovering-from-what-must-have-been-major-surgery body out to supper somewhere tonight. Anything that looked less that a full-blown brain surgery was not going to get me even take-out Chinese. But I'm thinking that a bad-WWII-movie-style-bloodied head wrap, possibly accented with a limp, slight cough and a strategically planned swoon or two might do the trick. But he’s a tough cookie that Dr.

Celtic Knots

I took my button class this afternoon. I made10 misshapen ugly-ass lumps and lost aproximately $100 and three hours of my life. Mistake! I have been practicing Celtic Knotwork and made this card for a friend. I've got a long ways to go but I love how intricate they look. Knit night was fabulous on Friday night. I finished one pink sock and got the leg done on the other. I also finished a secret Christmas project so it was productive as well as entertaining. Schooner Fare cancelled on Saturday night. Chuck was ill and couldn't fly so the concert got postponed. I was so excited to go. Guess I'll just have to wait a little longer. Off to start a new secret project. Will try and blog more next week.

The Decision

Deep Breath. OK, I’ve been thinking about this long enough…I’ve made a decision. I made a top-down v-neck cardigan for myself last spring. Once finished (including sewing on the buttons) I discovered that the button band was way too short. It hauled the front of the sweater up. So I did what any good knitter would do. I stuffed it in a bag and put it in storage. I checked periodically to see if the button band had decided that it had been punished enough in the cold and dark, come to its senses, and grown to the appropriate length. It hadn’t. And I checked a lot! Button bands are wicked stubborn that way. So back into storage it went. All the while this time-honored process was going on, a little voice in my head was planting the seed, “Pssst…if you’re gonna to rip out the button band anyway, why don’tcha frog the whole thing and make the crew neck version from that pattern you got in Maine? You like that version better." [See, that’s the way us arithmetically challenged, folk

Knitty Nattering and Schooner Fare!

Countdown to Knit Night on Friday night! I’m sure now that it is snowy and miserable, The Sow’s Ear will be really hoppin’. Better get there early if you want a seat! I have a gift certificate just burning a whole in my pocket. I’d like to get some not-funky-colored sock yarn to knit Gram some socks for Christmas. She likes them because the cuffs don’t make marks on her legs, but she isn’t a glitz, glam, stripy, Fair Isle kinda gal. Solid colors…the lighter the better thank you! I really want to try the scarf that Jerry is doing over his the When Knitting Was A Manly Art blog. Multi-directional and textured! I have the perfect yarn for it, but that probably isn’t a project to take to The Ear on Knit Night since I’ve never tried multidirectional before. I get too involved in being a social butterfly and craning my neck to see who’s coming through the door to actually follow a pattern. Best stick to the socks. I can do those with my eyes closed! This weekend is the bi-annual open house

Bah humbug

Haven’t updated for a couple of days. Still getting over my dust up with Stephen King. :-) Started a new pair of Socketta socks; pink purple and blue. Winter dropped by on Friday and it made me think about warm wooly socks again.! A combination thundershower/sleet/ice/snow storm dumped about 3 inches of yucky mush on us and it’s still here. Our neighbor across the street spent today putting up his Christmas lights. I am NOT ready for winter this year! Bah Humbug! My doc gave me some medicine that is taking a little bit to get used to so I’ve spent a quiet weekend at home. Mr. Bee is studying and I am vacillating between feeling great and doing housework and then feeling crappy and napping. Wee doggy has been ecstatic since napping is most favoritest thing ever! He’s very very good at it. He’s thinking about turning pro. I forgot to call Philosopher’s Wool on Saturday to enter their free kit contest. And I was home too! I just spaced it! Rats! Makes me want to get back to the sweater k

They Never Inhaled I Swear! And Apologies to Stephen King...

I went to the Podiatrist today and the first thing she said is “Wow! Are your arches high!” I couldn’t decide if it was a compliment or not so I took it as one. (Why thank you very much, I’ve worked very hard to cultivate the highest arches in all the land.) Bottom line is that I damaged my heel tendon while I was out Geocaching in April (plantar’s faceitis-sp?) and didn’t do anything about it until now when it is so bad I can barely walk on it. What can I say, I have a high threshold for pain and a low tolerance for the medical community in general! In between I walked like a fiend an hour or so almost every day which she says was very, very Bad (with a capital B) but that my family practice doc says is very, very Good (with a capital G) for me and my diabetes. I guess the only thing to do now is to put them in a ring and let them duke it out while I sit on the sofa with a box of Godiva and watch. I give up. So I got shoe inserts and a sheet of exercises which I am to do in my bare fe

Yarney Heaven

I am knitting the coolest shawl right now. I call it my REY (Ridiculously Expensive Yarn) shawl. It knits up quick on big needles and is a really easy pattern. I saw one worked up at ‘Off The Beaten Path’ and had to have one of my own. I bought some Cherry Tree Hill purple, blue, teal variegated and some metallic variegated to match. Don’t know if I’ll wear it as a shawl shawl or as an over the coat shawl with my long grey wool coat. Ahhh…decisions decisions. I’m in a such spendy mood lately. I spent all of my birthday loot on a quilting frame and REY and now I’ve spent my work bonus on joining the Blue Moon 'Socks that Rock' sock club for next year. They sent me an invitation to join. Would have been rude not to! They send 6 sock kits containing their AWESOME yarn and lots of other goodies. Ooooo! And I also signed up for a class on how to make polyclay buttons for all of the future sweaters I will knit. It's coming up in a couple of weeks. Sigh……today it’s very very good