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Puttering and Socializing

It's been a busy week and looks to be melting right into another, even busier week.  Last Tuesday I went to see The King's Speech with Paul Wesselmann, of The Ripples Project fame.  Paul  is an amazing speaker who travels the country, visiting schools and business, giving seminars on exploring your own potential and the power of positivity. He came to speak at my company last year and we've been Facebook friends for a while, so when he put out a general FB invitation to join him down at Sundance to see the film, I accepted. I don't know who was more surprised, me or him. I'm not in the habit of accepting invitations from 'strangers' and he didn't think anyone would say 'yes'.  Worked out for the best; Paul is delightful company, the film was WONDERFUL, we had a great time and now he's not a stranger!  Seriously, if you haven't seen the King's Speech, I can't extol it's virtues strongly enough.  And, BONUS, it DOES star my i

On The Bench With The Jimmy Choo Blues

So Ben and I just got back from the vet. He was limping at Christmas while I was away and right after I got back and then he seemed OK for a week or so and then went south quickly again; holding up his right back leg, toe touching a lot. I thought, 'Great! It's his right knee...his 'good' one.  Now we're going to have to go through the surgery again AND the rehab AND another five G's like I shelled out last time; first for the surgery and then when he got so sick  on the med afterward..' Just our luck.  So into the vet we went. The first test was the knee test and it was solid as a rock! Yay! After much poking and prodding, the vet  decided that it either a tear or a strain in his upper thigh.  10 days on doggie Tylenol and bed rest and he should be right as rain again. Wanna know how he did it?  Do ya? Do ya? Yes! Yes! Please tell us, Oh Queen of Every Clumsy, Bone-Headed Injury There Is!  How did your 'son' get hurt?   Why trying on women&#

Who You Calling Bald?

Went to Prairie du Sac with Rob and Joey this morning to see the bald eagles. There is a hydro dam up there that keeps the water open and eagles from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota congregate there in the winter to fish. They estimate that there are around 180 birds in the area this January. Normally territorial, they tolerate each others in large numbers in this area in the winter. How lucky am I to be able to see something like this! Absolutely amazing! (Click to make pics bigger...they will be just as poor quality but a different size!) Soaring Swooping in for a fish Almost got ' im ! Away with the prize Three eagles out on the island Roosting in the sun over the dam Soaring Roosting Tree for two Soaring Fledgling-His head is not fully white yet Pine Aircraft Carrier

Give Peace A Chance

I was the unwitting victim in a war that I wasn't even fighting today. I was blithely walking along, minding my own business, alone in my own little world, when !!!BLAM!!! Something hard hit me right in the top of the head. Oh Lord! I'm HIT! Medic! Since I thought I was all sole alone in the 'hood, I couldn't imagine what it was. My first thought was falling birds but I didn't see anything around. Y'all know that I am rarely at a loss for words, but I'll admit, I stood there, stunned, for longer than I'd like to admit, trying to process this new information in my life. Then I heard it.... a small child's voice in the stillness; "Oh Crap...I think I just hit an old lady with a snowball." I look in that direction and see two boys cleverly concealed in snow forts. We don't have good snowball making snow so the forts were mostly made out of slushy ice chunks that the snowplow deposited at the end of their dooryard. As was their ammo... I t

This One's For You Nanc!

(Friend Nancy asked me to post a pic of the cable sweater that I'm working on. She's getting reved up about knitting again and is looking for inspiration.) Hi Nanc ! Here it is. It's not a whole lot bigger than the last ones I posted. I took it to Maine but didn't work on it while I was there 'cause I knit my Mum some socks (in lovely handpainted Cascade that I got at the knitting store in the Aroostook Mall...that shop ROCKS!). Anyway, I've knit and tinked the blasted thing so many times that someone who actually knew what they were doing could have knit 12 sweaters by now. (Click to biggify...)This is the back. It's only big enough to cover my footstool. Here's an equally abysmal photo job (I think that dark blog in the lower right is actually my own did THAT happen?!) but it's a little closer... Closer still. I'm taking a wee break from it for a couple of days to knit Ben some 'mittens'. As big and fierce as he looks

Evil Child! No Gifts For You!

Honestly, I don't know why Santa didn't leave a huge chunk of coal in my stocking this year. Sometimes I am the essence of pure evil. Case in point. My Mum LOVES See's. See's is a candy company from California that has a direct contract with G*d to provide the main source of food that is eaten in Heaven; See's covered chocolates. My Mum has remarkable self control over all things, but not See's. They croon to to her...lure her with their siren song of silken chocolaty goodness. Occasionally our mall has a small See's kiosk that is only open for a couple of weeks around the holidays and I hit it just right this year so I got a two pound box and UPSed them to her. They arrived a day or so after I got there. The sparkle in her eye when she saw them, lit up the eastern half of the US. I had to convince her to put them up and allow them to come to room temp since the back of the UPS truck is cold and I feared for her dental work. It wasn't easy fo

Christmas Visit to Maine: A Photo Essay

Snow on trees... Frosty Wreaths... Birdy's dine... Mountain mine.. . Big day's here.... Family dear... Hearts fulfilled... Thaw winter's chill... When day is done... The deer will come... A twin surprise... For kitty eyes... Another Christmas come and gone. A brand new year to carry on. May yours' be filled with love and mirth, G*d bless us all and Peace on Earth !