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Milwaukee Public Museum

I hope you all had a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend. I certainly did. I started it on Friday by going to Milwaukee to the Mummy exhibit at The Milwaukee Public Museum.  I'd been wanting to go but it never seemed to fit into the schedule and then I heard that the exhibit was packing up and moving on today so I figured I'd better get moving. I find looming deadlines motivational. First of all, if you've never been to the museum you should go. It's an AWESOME natural history museum that covers all regions and major cultures of the world. It even has a live butterfly room that I could spend all day in if it wasn't 1000° in there! The Mummy Exhibit in particular was simply amazing. They had it set up so that only a certain number of people got in at a certain time which was fortunate because it seemed that every school age child in the tri-state area was in the building; spring field trip season being in full swing. First you started off with small things that wer

New Post over on Molly Doodles Blog

I have several folks complain that they forget to check  the Doodle Blog since I update it so infrequently.  Doodles take a long time the way I do 'em!   So when I update that blog, I'll just put a little tickler in there so that you can pop over there if you want. Save you remembering to check both blogs: My work here is done. Have a happy Saturday!

Everything I Need To Know I Learned in Tai Chi Class

I took my first Tai Chi class this morning. I'll give you a minute to stop picturing it and pull yourselves back together. OK now? Good. My company is offering a 6 week introductory class. Even though it starts at 7:30 AM I still loved it and learned some valuable lessons: Chai Tea and Tai Chi...two totally different things as it turns out. While I do have some beautiful tea cups, I don't have any 'loose and comfortable' gym clothes that I wish to wear around  my coworkers . I agonized over this for days, then when I got to class, I realized that no one else does either. I have come to view my coworkers in a totally different and disturbing light. Tai Chi is an actual martial art. The moves are slow and graceful (theoretically graceful in my case) but the premise behind them is that they are strike postures. Today we learned the 'poke someones eye out' move.   So don't tick me off and then stand totally statue-still without blinking for 3-5 minutes becau

Must Be Related To A Bad A** Honey Badger

The little pond across the street from my house is a source of endless fascination for me. I'm a water girl. I LOVE the ocean but I'll placate myself with a lake, pond, stream or large puddle if I can find one, so the little pond with its cat tails, ducks and geese  fits the bill nicely.  This morning while Ben and I were out for our morning constitutional, I stood for a minute and watched two ducks paddling around near the far shore.  They paddled to the edge and  then hopped up into the grass. Suddenly, there was a flurry of activity as they ran all around then then flew back into the water. Apparently the spot they had chosen to come ashore was where the resident muskrat was working on his new digs.  He chased them all over the place until he got them out of his neighborhood and back in the water. It was hysterical. I've never seen anything like it before. The ducks were totally shocked, feathers flying, and quacking their heads off in a manner that sounded like 'Oh

Busy Bee

It has been brought to my attention that I've been neglecting my bloggerly duties of late.  I'll try to remedy that by updating more often.  I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger but have been doing the same old-same old and it hasn't been particularly blogworthy but if folks don't hear from me in a while, they assume I've been abducted by aliens so I'll try and check in more often.  Took Ben to the vet today-AGAIN.  He has begun limping again and the vet doesn't know why. We're giving it another week and if he's still limping, he needs to start antibiotics-AGAIN.  If that works, we'll know it's an infection.  If it get infected after the antibiotics run out, the titanium plate has to come out of his knee and I get a $3500 key chain. It also could be a miniscle (sic) problem which means another surgery. Or it could just be lame. I just feel so bad for the guy because he doesn't deserve to be in pain of any kind. A braver, t

Mish Mash

My 1,000 mph life hit a small roadblock in the form of an ear infection that gave me a case of vertigo that dropped me like a Southern belle with the vapors last week. I'm so far behind on my blogging that I no longer know what happened when but I'll plop it all down here and let you sort it out. I got a mysterious email message from an address I didn't recognize one day. It said only, "Tardis at Westfield Comics." Nothing else. Now when one receives such a message, it can only mean one thing...THE FINORKIN TARDIS IS DOWN AT WESTFIELD COMICS!!!! Sure enough, The Doctor had parked her right out front!  I went for a spin. 1934 was lovely. My twin sister, Mary had sent the mysterious message. She took a spin too! This time traveling only added to my timeline confusion, so i couldn't tell you when I actually finished this pair of socks, but it was sometime in the last two weeks and here they are. They're knit from a Plymouth yarn that I picked up at Yarn, Gl

Weekend Update May 1, 2011

It was a fun-filled week: Cirque du Soliel on Tuesday night, movies with Steve and Joey on Thursday night, lunch with Pat on Friday and then there was the Royal Wedding reception of course. Saturday I went to Joey's Seafood with Mary, Jen and Elizabeth and then to  knitting. Our normal Last Saturday Knitting place had to close early at 3PM, so we moved the party over the The Sow's Ear until it closed at 5PM. I had forgotten that the Alpaca Festival was this weekend until someone mentioned it yesterday afternoon. I'm glad they did, I would have felt bad if I had missed it. I got up bright and early and went down there this morning. I usually go on Saturday and there are a lot of folks around and the animals are wicked skittish, but this morning was really quiet and I got plenty of alpaca kisses and love. It was wonderful. I visited each and every alpaca and then watched the judging for a bit. I went to the vendor area but stayed true to my vow to not buy fleece/yarn this y