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Diva Challenge 202: Chebucto vs Copada

This weeks Diva Challenge was a duo tangle. Laura gave us two tangle patterns:  Chebucto vs.  Copada , both by one of my favorite CZT's, Margaret Bremner. If you click on the pattern names it will take you to her website where she does the step-outs. I vaguely remember trying Chebucto before but not Copada so it was fun to do two patterns that I was unfamiliar with.  The tile turned out a little busy but I had fun with it anyway. I've had good  news lately. On Monday I won first prize at the Promega Art Show with 'Ghost In The Barn: It came with a cash prize and then I sold the drawing the same day! Cool!  I also attended the Wisconsin Zentangle Artist Coalition meeting last Saturday. We had a great meeting; lots of tips, tricks and beautiful work to see. It's great to network with other like-minded artists. It also makes you realize how far you have to go when you see some of the beautiful work that others are putting out there. I know that Zentangle i

SQUEE! Diva's 200th Challenge!

I can't believe the Diva has offered us up 200 challenges! I have done them all, some of them after the fact and unposted, but they are all in my portfolio. I love these challenges. I love to create them, but the best part is seeing how so many people, given the same instructions, can come up with so many different interpretations. It's amazing! I also enjoy Laura's blog . She has the cutest kidlets EVAH, and she takes us through the journey of her days with humor and style.  So HAPPY 200th Laura! Thanks so much for everything you do! We Love ya! Happy 200th with Nzepple!

Diva Challenge #199-Hitched

Haven't been doodling much lately. The Diva took a couple of weeks off of challenges, the holidays were busy and we've been playing copious amounts of Qwirkle in the evenings (I am SO addicted to that game) so I have good excuses! :-) Decided to take a few minutes and do the challenge this week which was to use the tangle 'hitched', which is the design that goes through the middle.  I liked it and had been wanting to try the twig one in the upper left too.  It was fun to kick back with a pen again. The holidays have been wonderful. We didn't have any snow until a couple of days ago and for the most part the weather was temperate so I got lots of walking and sunshine in-especially on the Christmas weekend itself. The tables have turned now and it's below zero with wind chills WAY below zero, but it's par for the course in Wisconsin in January, I discovered a system of walking trails in the field and woods by my house and am kind of hoping for some sn