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No Weekend At The Lake for Molly Bee!

This weekend had such promise. And now it has turned into a real bummer. We were supposed to go a couple of hours north to spend the weekend with friends at their cottage on Roch-a-Cri Lake. I was so exited. I love these friend and I love camping and I love the water. I scurried and made chili and fruit salad and dessert. I had a list of all of the games and warm clothes we had to pack. Camera was loaded with new batteries. Then we got up bright and early this morning…too bright and too early….because Mr. Bee was sick. Poor guy hacked his way through the night; he latest new and exciting symptom of his week-long journey to actually getting this cold. He felt so guilty about all of the cooking and planning and all that our friends have done as well… and he wanted to go so badly that he hated calling to tell them that he thought he’d better stay home. He debated about it until daylight. Turns out it was a good thing he did stay home as he has gone decidedly downhill since he got up this

Rodent Revolt

Based on my recent experiments here in The Ark, all rodents like to rearrange furniture and do housekeeping during the wee hours of the morning. Sneakers-the-Bunny has always enjoyed making thumping noises about 2 AM by gleefully picking up her litter box and dropping it repeatedly. Enter Flake, Rosebud, and Key, our three new gerbil friends. Two of them bumped their respective houses around the fish tanks all night while the other one ran hot laps on her squeaky wheel. It went something like this: Sneakers : THUMP! Gerbil 1 : bumpbumpbump Gerbil 2 : bumpbumpbumpbumpbumpumpbumpbumpbumpbump Sneakers : THUMP!!!! THUMP!!!!! Gerbil 3 : squeeaaaaky squeeaaaaky squeeaaaaky squeeaaaaky Sneakers : THUMP! (Always has to have the final word!) Repeat ad nauseum throughout the night. I laid there for quite a while trying to figure out if they had devised some kind of rodent Morse Code and were talking to each other: Sneakers : Get used to the kisses and cuddles. I’ve been captive for over three

Write A 'To Do' List. Then Eat It.

Oh My God! I need a keeper. Just got back from lunch. I made Mr. Bee and myself sandwiches with some roast beef and cheese I got at the deli. Every single bite I took was tough and had gristle in it. I got to the very last bite only to discover that I had eaten the entire little piece of paper (less one bite) that they put between the cheese slices. Deeee-liish!!!!! I dare say I added fiber to my diet in an unconventional way today! And maybe my keeper will be my personal secretary as well. I was fretting and stewing about how busy my life was going to be last week. It was my first week back from vacation and I had Hospice on Wednesday, dentist on Thursday, Knit Night on Friday. Busy! Busy! Busy! Not so much as it turns out...Hospice is this week. My dentist's receptionist informed me when I arrived at my appt. last Thursday that it is, in actuality this Thursday and Knit Night was two Fridays ago and I missed it. There is something to be said for writing things down on a piece

Bashing Barriers Would Be Easier with a Magic Bullet!

I went to an interesting workshop at the hospital this evening. It was called “Bashing Through Barriers”. The presenter, Jane Birr, gave tips, tricks and tools to establish where you are, where you want to be, and how to deal with the excuses and obstacles that arise between you and your goals; be they health, emotional or spiritual. It was all common sense stuff that we’ve all read in women’s magazine and heard from Doctor Phil, but there is something about sitting in a room full of people in the same boat that you’re in that is a little more motivational. I’m always hopeful that I’ll be told that there is a ‘magic bullet’ or that if I just wait and hope long enough things will turn out the way I want/envision. As usual I was told that the cards we’re dealt often suck but the only way to change them is through motivation, determination and persistence. Still no magic bullet…..Maybe it’s time to try determination…again. Why does there seem to be less determination and motivation eve

Time To Ask For A Raise?

Back at work: Day Two. Everyone I meet tells me how much my boss missed me and that he was running around like the proverbial chicken while I was out for two weeks. When people asked him how to do things, he just told them that he didn't know; that he always just gave them to Molly Bee and 'they got done'. I've had more than one suggestion that now is the time to ask for a raise-LOL. It's been crazy busy of course, dinging out my desk and emails. We had a new phone system installed while I was gone so we are suffering all of the snafus that involves. It's all computerized so if the system goes down we are toast. The cool thing about it is that all voicemail messages go into .wav files in the email box. There's good and bad in all change I guess but some of my 'kids' always go kicking and screaming. They are scientists for God's sake. One would think that they could handle figuring out a couple of different options on a telephone! Not so much

Home Again! Home Again! Jiggity Jig!

Well… I wrote an update while I was in Maine. It was a good one too-possibly Pulitzer Prize winning material. And Blogger ate it. I was too ticked to start over. The world will forever be deprived of my witty observances of life in Aroostook County. And now my streak of writing genius has ended. Too bad you all missed it and are stuck with the same old same old. We arrived home yesterday. We drove from Crystal, Maine to Erie, Pennsylvania on Friday and then left at 6 a.m. from Erie and made it home at 5 p.m. Central time. It took us over two hours to get through Chicago. It was bumper to bumper, ten M.P.H. traffic for mile after mile. There was no apparent reason. The road looked like Shriner’s parade with all the lane switches and fancy maneuvering. We were both tired and grumpy before we hit Chicago. I thought we were going to end up in divorce court before we finally got to Schamberg. But made it we did. And I finished one sock and turned the heel on the other during the trip so it

Off to Moose Country!

We're all packed and ready to roll. Leaving at 4AM tomorrow for my home State of Maine ! I may get a chance or two to check in while I'm there, but if not, see you all on the 16th!