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I'm Thinking I Should Give Up Coffee

I just got a cup of coffee from our vending machine. It overfilled the cup and some spilled on my right hand when I tried to get it out. It was very hot. I got it to my desk and went to set it down and more spilled; this time on my left hand, causing me to jerk, thus spilling a whole lot more. After I mopped up, I settled in with the remaining third of a cup of coffee, to catch up on Franklin's blog. I had just taken a gulp when I got to the 'Quaker dirty bomb' part and most of it came out my nose. I'm thinking I should hang up th hot liquid consumption for the day before I permanently injure myself. Still no picture of the Wavy Scarf, I know. I will post one this weekend. I promise. I actually had to rip back a ways and am hopelessly lost as to what row I'm on....Hopefully I can figure that out this weekend too. I'm not taking it to Knit Night that's for sure. I had to rip the whole thing out after I worked on it there last time. "Worked' being a

Vacation Update

Well, Mum's headed back to Maine. She was here for two weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed her. We did a few things like going to the casino, a dinner theater, a Lake Monona beer and pizza cruise, and Madison's Parade of Homes. We went hiking a bit, went to the movies (Evan Almighty was GREAT!), watched movies at home and played Phase 10. I got a little over half of a wavy scarf knit and she did the leg and heel of a sock. She even got to go to Knit Night with me and meet the gang. She also helped me with Mr. Bee's graduation party a couple of weekends ago. I will sorely miss her. I don't get to see her often enough or spend enough time with her. Ben will miss her too. As all good grandmothers, she was an unending source of kisses and snuggles as well a new patsy to throw the ball over and over again. Will try and get a good picture of the wavy scarf tomorrow when I get myself back together. I'm busy right now feeling sorry for myself that I live so far away from '

Couldn't Be Less Focused on Work

Only 2 hours and 15 minutes left before Mr. Bee and I go on vacation for two weeks! We will be in and around town but won't have to go back to work until the 28th. Life is soooooo good; good food, rest, laughter and relaxation! Posting will probably be spotty. Have a wonderful start to the summer!!!!

Throw the ball for me, please....woncha?!?!?!? Huh? Woncha?

Please?!?!? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Jeez! Doggie Dents and EZ Ain't Easy

Not much time for writing, what with wrangling the two yahoos. Took them out back for some tennis ball therapy the other morning and they collided. Grendel emitted a yelp and started limping terribly. We decided that if he was still limping at lunch then we would take him to the vet. Lunchtime came. The limp was even more pronounced. Greeeaaat . Grendel is my Boss' dog. I killed his bonsai tree last time he went on vacation. Things were not looking up for this dog caring thing to be my redemption. Took him to the vet and he wouldn't limp for her. He'd walk perfectly normally (all the while looking over his shoulder, smirking at me and whispering in a sing-s ong doggie voice "$60 bucks for nothing....$60 bucks for nothing..."). She said that they won't show weakness in a strange place, even if it really hurts, if they can help it. She checked him over and pronounced him fine-just a pull. She put him on doggie Tylenol and told us to make sure he rests for t