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Popping Up Again Like the Flowers of Spring

Wow! Five months since I've written on here! Doesn't seem like that long on the one hand....but on the other, it seems like 5 years!  This has been the longest. winter. ever.  To be fair, not a lot of earth-shattering, blog-worthy stuff has been happening, Maine for Christmas, work, teaching Zentangle, crafting, reading and trying to keep our sanity here at McCurdo Midwest. But it looks like to long months of house arrest are finally over. Our spring flowers are up-crocuses mostly. Once the 5 foot snowbank in the garden melted, we discovered that they had jumped the gun and were already 3-4 inches high under there! Bless their little hearts. With the warmer (relative term) weather and the ice gone, long walks are once again on the docket. Love to take three or four miles through Prairie Park and watch the world waking up again. I have been bringing plastic grocery bags with me and picking up the trash and detritus of winter. That in itself is...interesting. Sometimes the comb