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Weekly Challenge #252: "String Theory: Tangle within a tangle... it's like inception... but with tangles"

This will be short. Just want to get this up for the Diva's Challenge which is to use a tangle for a string, so I used Cadent and filled it with Cadent. That oughta do it! Have a good week everyone!

Weekly Challenge #250: "Bringing it Back To The Old School"

Wow, Gang! It's been a while! Don't have any excuses, really. The Holidays weren't particularly hectic for me....just been livin' the life instead of writing about it I guess. The best,and most fun, way I know to jump back in is by doing the Diva Challenge! This is #250!!! Congrats Laura!!  And it's one I sorely needed; 'Bringing It Back To The Old School'! The instructions were to go back to basics and only use a 3.5", white space, official Zentangle patterns, Sakura pens and graphite to create this week's tangle. (My apologies for the flash bounce off the graphite. ) This was a wonderful challenge after the push to 'create' in and around the holidays; to just take a step back, use the old tried and true patterns and tangle without thoughts about the end result. I did it like I used to when I first started; by candlelight, with the TV and all other electronics OFF and just relaxed. It's always mind-blowing to me how well this wo