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Photo Ops

Why I haven't been knitting! My newest addiction! When I'm not showing off my hand knit socks that it! Or making these! (Biggify! You know you wanna!) Yep! It's that time of year! Time for Halloween finger food! This year I threw in some toes for good measure! Halloween party at work tomorrow. This is an integral part of my costume! Heh Heh Heh! Details on THAT later!

Precious Little Knitting and Things That Go Snap In The Night

I've been doing precious little knitting lately... Get it!? 'Precious little knitting' ? Ha! I kill me! Here are the wee baby socks that match the hat from the last post. I've also gotten a sizable chunk of the scarf that I had previously abandoned, done this weekend. It's no Dr. Who scarf a la Chocolate Sheep, but it's all cabley and takes some thinking. I will be able to get even more done tomorrow seeings how I have to sit with my foot up one more day. Why you ask? Because, I answer, if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all lately. I managed to break my left pinky toe Friday night. How you ask? Short answer-I bumped it. The long answer involves one of my neighbors drunkenly serenading the neighborhood at 11:30 PM, setting off Ben and Holli (who is visiting for a few days) and sending me scrambling to stop the cacophony on all counts. There was singing, and barking and howling and darkness. There was shushing and cursing and total chaotic ma

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Yesterday I received my fifteen $100 BP gas cards from my boss! YAAAAAY ! The price of gas is coming down so rapidly that they'll probably be giving it away in a couple of weeks. Then I can use all my buckage on Slim Jims and tire pressure gauges! And there is that little cardboard pine tree I've had my eye on. I fell walking Ben today. It was dark and I stepped my left foot off the sidewalk, lost my balance, got tangled in his leash and fell on one knee and both hands to the cement. To add insult to injury, I had a treat in my right hand which I auto-discharged at high velocity when I started to fall so I could brace myself on impact. Ben, obviously feeling no remorse or concern for my safety, and showing a stunning deficit of prioritization skills, took off like a rocket after the treat, effectively clothes lining me to the ground AGAIN. I felt like every 'Charlie-Brown-Kicking-The- Football' cartoon Charles Shultz ever drew; head over heals in the air screaming A

Apple Cider Donuts and Toilet Cookies

File this one under ‘Scientists Will Eat Anything’. I helped a neighbor fix his toilet yesterday. (The little flipper dingus has come unhooked from the big balley thing and needed to be put back on its leverey whatzit. It was all very technical so the little Yankee girl from the backwoods of Maine pushed aside the Hulking He-Beast and fixed it for him!) I went home to get Ben for a vet appt. at lunch today and there was a container of Halloween cookies and a thank you in front of my door. (Awwww…what a sweetie you are, Toilet-Technicality-Challenged-Hulking-He-Beast!) So I took the cookies in, put them on the community treat table and sent an email to the department saying ‘Toilet Cookies on the treat table. Enjoy’. 9 out of 10 folks pondered aloud why they were called Toilet Cookies as they munched them . Some of my more ‘special’ kids thought that they kind of looked like a toilet seat(They were mini sugar cookies with purple frosting and ghost sprinkles.) Finally someone asked me a

Maybe Cider's Not For Me Either

I swear to God people, I never touched a drop of caffeine tonight! It was apple cider, and not the kind that had 'turned' either! And I was STILL a giggle monkey with way too much energy at Knit Night. To be fair, I wasn't the only one flying a little on the wild side this evening. I had company: We managed to rename Ben-The-Barista "Caf-Daddy" after he proclaimed himself a caffeine pusher. We even gave him a gang sign (tap hand to the chest and make a 'C' with the same hand and pretend to drink from it). We discussed how Catholic school children used to bring pennies to school during Lent to buy little plastic pagan babies and rename them and how I would probably have been resentful about having to spend my candy allowance on pagan babies and would have named them all "Snickers". I managed to douse myself with apple cider during a laughing fit when one of the ladies revealed that she was sitting and sweating in her jacket because she was bra-les

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yesterday I completed my 43rd successful mission around the sun. My plan to live forever? So far so good. It was a strange birthday for me, being alone this year for the first time. It wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated but I will definitely be going to dinner with friends next year instead of going it alone. I filled my time doing a little retail therapy and bought a new small digital camera with the money my Grammie sent me. Thanks Grammie! I was so excited about the fact that it's pink that I tried to take a picture of it. Yes I am that big of of a dork. And to think that this is the best possible one of the 8 million I took. At least you can tell it's pink! Then I tried it out of the Halloween Skull dish cloth that was the pattern at this month's Dish Cloth night at The Sow's Ear....and started to suspect that no matter how fancy the camera...I am the world's worst photographer! Finally I decided to try it out on the guy who's always photogenic.... &qu

Busier Than A Long Tailed Cat In A Room Full Of Rocking Chairs

Boy Howdy, was last week busy! Seems like I was on the tear every day an d evening. This week seems to be queueing up to be the same with Dish Cloth Night at The Sow's Ear on Tuesday and Knit Night on Friday. Saturday will find me up in Adams- Friendship helping friends close up their cottage for the winter. And I'll need to find an hour or two for cat wrangling time in there as well as baking up something for Bosses Day on Thursday. Wheeeee ! Last Friday night, Friend-Donna took me to The Memorial Union for a drink and to shoot the breeze. I am ashamed to admit that I have lived here for 18 years and never been to the Union. I DON'T drive downtown-especially right after work when 8,000,000 of my closest friends are trying to get there too! But it was an absolutely beautiful autumn evening and I had a blast and now I regret that I can't get there more often. The people watching was magnificent! When we first got there, it was mostly students. I was amazed at the way e

Frog's Ears and Wild Cats

Guess what this is? Why, it's a frog's ear of course. I started a froggie hat for a wee friend for Christmas. I found the free pattern on line. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? What good are other peoples' little kids if you can't make them silly hats? The kids love 'em and wear them. The parents have to live down being seen in public with their child sporting frog eyeballs on the top of his head. It truly is a win win situation for childless knitter with an odd sense of humor such as myself! Kudo's to the designer of this one. It's a very clever design. There is a dinosaur one too. Gosh I wish the kid had two heads....but if he did, he's already look silly and wouldn't need the hats...Oy! Life's ironies! I added another metaphorical hat to my collection today (as in 'she wears many hats' ). This hat comes with a wee chair and whip, for I am to be.... ( echo...echo....echo ) The Kitten Tamer... ( echo, echo, echo ). Dog Whisperer eat

Dum De Dum De Dum (Drumming Fingers and Twiddling Thumbs)

I went to Knit Night tonight and left early because I have to be at our yard sale at 7:00 ish tomorrow morning. The special at The Sow's Ear was a Harvest Latte. Well, as luck would have it, I LUVS me a Harvest Latte, so I had Ben The Barista make me one big enough so that I could actually sit on the side of swimming pool-sized mug and hang my feet in if I wanted to. I didn't consider the fact that one of the main ingredients in it is espresso . So now I'm home and all jacked up on caffeine with nary a sandman in sight. I feel like I'm on fast forward and I'm sure the poor ladies that were subjected to me at The Ear this evening thought so too! I was talking reallyreallyfastandloudly because I can't hear in a crowd and therefore think no one can hear me either. My throat actually hurts. Clearly the espresso was clouding my judgement. I'm pretty sure all of this classifies as a drinking problem. I'll have to check in the the Juan Valdez Rehab Cen

Horrible Harrowing Heron Happening

This morning, Ben and I had an encounter with our blue heron friend. He's always on the far side of the pond if he's there at all and when I looked I didn't see him. The last couple of days he hasn't been and I figured he'd headed south for the winter. We ambled down the sidewalk to the far end of the pond where the reeds are only a few feet from the sidewalk. All in a whoosh, the heron flew up out of the reeds right beside us, swooped at us, over our heads and then circled back around to the far end of the pond and landed! For a minute there it was all wings and beak and long dangly feet! Scared the B ejeepers out of me !!! Had my eyes not rolled back in my head from shock and being just a hair this side of 'the vapors', I would had thought to look for his special 'toe comb' that Knitzu told me about, but I was busy trying to figure out what the police report would say about cause of death-'beaten and then eaten by gangly marsh bird' p