Diva's Weekly Challenge #332 "String it: 2² (two squared)"

As luck would have it, I needed to do a tile for our Prairie Tanglers meeting this Saturday. The challenge there was to use Phil-Agrees in a tangle. Then The Diva posted a challenge to use two squares as a string; a match made in heaven for my purposes!


Gudrun S. said…
WOW - this tile is beautiful :-))
This is stunning!!!
Jean Chaney said…
There is so much to love about this composition! The way you drew the overlapping squares is gorgeous, and I love the way you shadowed the background pattern.
Suzanne Flur said…
Made in heaven indeed! I really like the elegant simplicity of your Diva challenge tile. I know it wasn't simple to do with the gems, but the effect is calming. So pretty.
Michelle said…
Where ARE you, Molly Bee?!?

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