Blogger Challenge 326-Nzepple Monotangle

This week's Diva Challenge is to do a monotangle with N'Zeppel.  It's one of my go-to tangles. I love it so much that I did the poster sized version a while back and it hangs in my living room, so I'm cheating and submitting it as the challenge piece for this week.

The subtext of the challenge was to think about a time that you 'didn't fit it'. When I was making this piece, I was going through a crisis in my life that made me feel very, very alone. The mindlessness of this pattern soothed me and calmed the mind monkeys for a few minutes every day. It's a piece that looks complicated but is, in fact, very simple. Here's a link to my progress if you are interested.


Suzanne Fluhr said…
I'm a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, so I certainly have no complaint about your recycling an older piece of art for this week's challenge, especially such a nice one. I might have to, um, "borrow" the technique you used----using 'Nzeppel as a grid base and superimposing shapes by using color. What size is the piece?
Michelle said…
It looks VERY complicated!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice color on this. Saw your first post. This must have taken quite a while to complete with the size, the shapes, and the color.
Deanne Biron said…
Molly Bee.... I would like to ask permission to use a variation/interpretation of your magnificent 'Nzeppel artwork for a quilting challenge. Thank you for your response. 😃

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