Weekly Challenge #296: "UMT - Moowa by Anya Ipsen, CZT"

This week's Diva challenge was wicked fun. It was to use Anya Ipsen's tangle pattern Moowa which I like very much. It reminds me of Tess Imobersteg's Breakers pattern that I use a lot. I couldn't decide if Moowa looked more like water to me or plants, so I tried both.

In the first one I tried for water splashing up on the wharf. 

In the second one, I added it with Mooka to make a kelp forest for an octopus I had drawn preciously in my sketch book and had left unfinished. Lucky because I like the kelp forest a lot. 

Thanks again Laura for a wonderful challenge and Anya for a great tile to add to my arsenal!


Love them both but your kelp forest one is my favorite!
Michelle said…
They are both keepers!
Gudrun S. said…
I like your kelp forest and the octopus :-)
Oh these are wonderful! I love the kelp forest and the octopus! :D
Deanne Biron said…
Love these Both! The octopus makes me Smile! Fabulous shading!
Karen Lynn said…
Your tiles are both absolutely charming!
Jean Chaney said…
I really like how you created a complete scene using the challenge tangle.
Both are very beautiful!
trixie04 said…
Wonderful compositions with Moowa. I love the one with the octopus. It's so cute.
michele said…
ohmigosh! these are both wonderful;-)

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