Popping In

This is just a quick drive-by entry to put my Diva Challenge up for the week. I haven't done one in I don't know how long. Although many blog-worthy things have happened this summer, I been living it rather than blogging it. Hopefully now that autumn is here, I can get back in the swing.

The Diva Challenge this week is to post a piece you've done while you were using Zentangle as a meditation tool. Luckily I have a whole notebook of these as I try to do one each night before bed. Here is the one I did last night.

I've taken a lot of Zentangle classes that teach it as an art form. The meditation and mindfulness aspect is touched on by way of description but the classes are not taught in relation to that. They are basically how to draw certain tangles and ways you can use them to decorate things or make art. I took Connie S.'s class on 'Going With The Flow' at Expo and that was the closest I've seen; quiet class, calming background music, and the teacher's voice was low and calm.  I'll keep looking. There has to be a class like that out there somewhere. In the meantime, I'll just make it up as I go along. It really does help my insomnia some. Zen on!


Susan Theron said…
Lovely! Remind me of golfbags
Michelle said…
Well, I for one can't wait to hear about what you've live this summer!
Anonymous said…
It's wonderfull light and fancy :-) Gudrun S
Ria Matheussen said…
I like this cheerful tile very much, and you are right: to relax by drawing is very important.
Jean Chaney said…
Sad to hear, being a Certified Zentangle Teacher, that you are not able to find classes that promote the well being and mindful aspects of Zentangle. However, working as you do before sleeping is an excellent way to slide into the intended state of mind.
Patty CZT22 said…
Love your tile, very cheerful and almost reminds me of Christmas...stripped stockings and snowflakes. 👍😀
Your tile is so full of life! I am glad you are finding your Zen and helping the insomnia. I also tangle when I am having that issue and it just calms me down so I can fall asleep.
michele said…
I love this! It makes me smile;-)
Love it. It's cheerful. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss.
Like you, I try to tangle a bit before going to bed and I like that. Your tile is beautiful.
Sue Sharp said…
This is a lovely tile, and it sounds like you've found your own meditative method of drawing before going to sleep. If you want to find out more about the meditative aspect, I would recommend buying the Zentangle Primer 1 book by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Many CZT's don't spend much time on the mediative aspect because of time constraints, but there are some who do - each teacher has their own style. Hope you find what you are searching for.

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