Molly Bee's Big Door County Adventure

I went to Door County last week to attend a couple of shows at Northern Sky Theater in Peninsula State Park. I went alone as a gift to myself-some down time to explore and reflect, and of course see Doug Mancheski in 'Lumberjacks in Love' and 'No Bones About It'.

I stayed in Egg Harbor and the view from my room was stunning. You can't really tell from the pics but it's on the top of a high cliff. The terns were flying below my balcony at times!

To the left

Straight ahead

To the right.  Yep! not a bad seat in the house. I spent an hour before I had to get ready to go sitting out here and just watching Lake Michigan. Bliss

The plays were so good! Really funny musicals. I felt bad for Doug and the other actors because it was so hot and humid and they all had on long-sleeved, flannel costumes and were dancing and running around.  I got to visit with Doug between shows. He is a kind, gentle, intelligent, soft-spoken guy off the stage. On the stage, he is such a goof. I love a man who can make me laugh! Actually, I'm glad I got to see 'No Bones About It' because he didn't have as 'wacky' a part as he does in 'Guys On Ice' and 'Lumberjacks in Love'. The boy gots skillz in the acting, singing, dancing department!

The venue is a small amphitheater nestled in the woods right in the park. During the course of two plays, the sun set and the moon rose in the pine-scented air; absolutely breathtaking. It reminded me so much of home I could have cried. The whole experience was pure magic. 

I toured up one side of the peninsula and down the other the next day. In Sister Bay, there is a restaurant (Al Johnson's) with a sod roof and goats to keep it mowed. They are wicked happy up there. My 'all purpose animal calling' protocol (consisting of making smoochie sounds, scooching down, holding out my hand and crooning, 'Come here, Punkin') didn't work at all.

I was standing along on a boat ramp in a deserted park when this guy zipped by me and straight into the lake. I couldn't decide if it was just that hot, or if there were Pokemenz to be found in the water as well as on land. 

I went to Cave Point County (thanks for the correction, Lisa)! Park. The lake was kind of calm, but the waves crashing into the caves sounded just like Thunder Hole in Acadia. 

I stopped at every little park and overlook I felt like until I got to White Fish Dunes State Park and then waded in the waves for a while. 

Lake Michigan LOOKS like the Atlantic...

But it smells different and the lobster fishing is awful!!! On the plus side, there are fewer things in it that want to snack on you. 

It was a balm for my tired soul and I enjoyed every minute of the sand, water and solitude. I didn't listen to news or tv. I let everything just go and was all the better for it.  All too soon it was time to come back to Madison/reality but now that I've done it once, I am absolutely certain that I will be returning to Door County much more often!


Anonymous said…
Soul massage.... necessary
Looks like you did it right
~~ Patti
Dan Fraser said…
Well you are a great tour guide to hidden places and far off places; thanks for letting me tag along.
Lisa said…
Northern Sky theater is awesome and Doug Mancheski is my family's favorite actor. The first show that we saw there was Lumberjacks in Love, we sat in the front row and 'Bob, Dirty Bob, Bob' hit a chord with both of my kids. My son, a theater/chemistry major, is now waiting tables right outside the park and hoping/working towards an internship with Northern Sky.

Cave Point is a county part, not a state park, but it is an awesome place! A hidden gem.
Molly Bee said…
Thanks Lisa! I made the correction! Does your son work at Julie's? I had breakfast there and was very impressed with the politeness of the staff and the wonderful french toast! And the flower pot mugs! I brought one back to Madison!
Lisa said…
He's working across the street at The Wild Tomato. We went there for the first time this summer and loved the pizzas. If you get back, the pizzas are definitely worth the wait!
Molly Bee said…
Cool! Thanks!
Michelle said…
It all sounds and looks just wonderful!