A Garden for Bijou

I LOVE this week's Diva Challenge! The good folks over at Zentangle have rolled out an adorable new mascot and new mini tiles that are the cutest things ever!

This is Bijou.
(Picture shamelessly stolen from the Zentangle website.)

His new Zentangle tiles have his picture on the back and inspirational sayings and are only 2" by 2"! Room enough for exquisite, teeny tangles only! You can read all about Bijou and his tiles here.   I have A LOT going on this week and  didn't think that I would have time to do the challenge but since it was to create a tangle in a 2"x 2" space, I couldn't resist. I love little Bijou so much that I made him a garden to rest in! 

I hope he likes it as much as I like him!  Thanks for the great challenge, Diva! Adieu for now Bijou!


Jean Chaney said…
Your Bijou tile is adorable. Lucky Bijou to have a garden like that to spend his time :)
Bonnie McLain said…
You made me laugh... shamelessly stole... LOL... so funny... anyway I love the garden that you grew for Bijou... I LOVE the dragonfly (as my studio is called the Purple Dragonfly) and I love the shadows you have created.. all very nice.. Love, Light and Peace... Bonnie
BlackScorpio said…
Love the tiny garden you've created for Bijou. It's so lovely!
Kia said…
lovely little garden for bijou!
Love how you've managed to do a garden on such a small tile, great shading and oh how snails love shade!! Linda x
Tinas-Welt said…
Nice little garden :-)
So Smrt said…
That is so stinkin' cute!!!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice garden for Bijou.
Your garden is very pretty!
LonettA said…
So lovely garden! Very nicely done!
J L Johnson said…
I would love to sit in Bijou's garden, it looks so pretty and peaceful.

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