Diva Challenge-Stripes and Memories of Maine

This week's Diva Challenge was to use stripes as a string. I can't think of anything more 'stripey' than Hollybaugh so I used that as my 'template'. Fun! Thanks Laura for another great challenge!

I just got back from a couple of weeks in Maine and am having a hard time adjusting to 'real life' back here in Wisconsin. I love spending time with my Mum so much that it's always a week or two of the 'I-Miss-My-Mommy' blues when I get home. And this time around I have more to miss! I connected with my birth siblings this spring. I have four new sisters and a new brother! I got to meet up with two sisters, Doris and Dina and a brother, Dan, for lunch while I was home. They are all warm, funny, smart, caring folks and I'm so glad that fate (or as I like to call her, Shelly) brought us together. 

As an adopted kid, I didn't look or act like anyone in my family. It was kind of mind blowing to see baby pics of all of us and see that I look just like them! And we all have the same weird sense of humor, and we all love art. Doris does lovely pen and ink drawings, and Dan and Dina paint beautifully. It was an overwhelming, surreal, but awesome experience. I may have come to the game late, but they are stuck with me now! I also got to meet two nieces, Amy and Rebekka who are just as sweet and welcoming as their respective moms!

My Aunt and Uncle from California, and their children and spouses were all at the camp on Lake Mattawamkeag. I haven't seen my cousin, Mike, in years. It was a bittersweet reunion as they were all home to say goodbye to the camp. My Aunt and Uncle are selling it and closing that chapter on all of our lives. How lucky are we to have someplace that we'll miss so much? Millions of memories.

Mum and I got up to our usual trouble and then some. We  kayaked a bit. We went to the coast one day. Walked the Rockland Breakwater and Lincolnville Beach. We went to Shin Pond because I couldn't remember ever being there before. What a beautiful drive!  It's at the north end of Baxter State Park. There are cabins there and a little store right on the pond. Absolutely gorgeous!

We spent some time porch sittin', visiting with friends and playing Rummakub. I don't so much 'play' as it turns out, as let Mum monkeystomp me over and over! We don't have to do anything special. I love just spending quiet time with Mum. Although she will tell you, with me around, it's rarely quiet! I think she needed a full week's detox after I left!

So now it's time to settle get back in the swing of the Midwest. Lots of big plans for this autumn to look forward to! Onward and upward!


Anoeska said…
Great one! I immediately thought of Hollibaugh too for this challenge.
Dan Fraser said…
I really loved meeting you and MUM She is a ticket. Hope we are able to gather at my house in the coming year for a bbq and a long days visiting.
Susan said…
Love your tile, but your post resonated with me.
Two years ago we met my husbands daughter (from a high school romance). She had been adopted and at the age of 50 tracked him down. It has been an amazing experience and she and our oldest daughter met about a month ago and had a great "sisterly" weekend together. Life is Interesting, isn't it???
Asja said…
Lovely tile and a great selection of tangles.
Sue Sharp said…
Beautiful tile, and great post!
Kia said…
great tile - hollibough is a natural. What an incredible story - how nice to have more family to love
Michelle said…
Even though I have no personal frame of reference, I just LOVE stories like yours! It must be amazing to connect to "your tribe," after years of feeling different even if completely loved.
J L Johnson said…
Love your tile and your story. I was adopted and had an opportunity to meet my birth mother, one of my birth sisters and my grandfather. It can be an overwhelming experience, and it can present you with some new challenges and insights into yourself.
Your tile is beautiful and so is your post. I'm so glad you met your siblings!
Akua said…
your tile is fabulous. my 11 and 5 year old are used to don't see their father in the daily eurpean life.
but whenever we go to visit him in west-africa, to see how much they are connected and understand eachother,magic or natural,i don't know which of this words fit better.

LonettA said…
Lovely tile and great post, too!
Barbro said…
Like your choose of tangles! So well done tile! :)

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