Diva Challenge: Curvy Gridlock

This week's challenge was to use some of the gridded patterns but not make the grid lines straight and the boxes even. Piece of cake for me since I can't draw a straight line to save my soul.  Here is my entry:

And here are my meeting notes from a particularly inspiring meeting last week. Don't worry, I take real notes too, but doodling while listening really increases my focus. It keeps the artsy side of my brain entertained while the listening side of my brain is doing it's thing. But anyway,  you can see that I use curvy grids in this one and almost all of my tangles. I love to tangle in compartmentalized way, in the grid, but I don't like it to be too uniform. Sigh.  I am nothing if not an enigma wrapped up in a mystery, shrouded in a conundrum. 

Thanks again, Laura for a wonderful challenge!!!


Anonymous said…
Woo I love the purple and the one with the cat is great
ledenzer said…
Love your choice in patterns and surprises along the way!
Barb said…
How long does it take you to do a zentangle like the one above? They are so intricate and I love the shading and whimsey .
Donald Wilka said…
Like both of your tiles. The grids in the first are done well.
LonettA said…
Both are wonderful! My favorite is the first one!
A great tile with some fun figures in it!

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