Just Breathe.

This week's Diva Challenge was to choose a word for the year. Laura (The Diva her own self, doncha know) chose the word 'Open'. And then tangle around it. 

I pondered what my word should be. What do I aspire to in 2014?  How do I boil  'For-The-Love-Of-God-Woman-Calm-Down-Relax-Let-It-Go-Let-It-Be-It-Is-What-It-Is-Take-A-Moment-To-Look-Around-You-And-Enjoy-Your-Blessings-And-Be-Present'  into one word? Then it came to me. Breathe.  Just...breathe. 

It's the most basic instruction of our existence, both physically and emotionally. Just breathe. You are enough. You are all you need to get through whatever trial is going on. Just be quiet, center yourself and breathe.  

Thanks so much for this week's insightful challenge, Laura!


Susan said…
Beautiful! I love the tangles you chose to surround your "breathe", especially your mooka.
misssrobin said…
I love the way you defined BREATHE. Oh, my goodness. Isn't that the truth?

Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing. I am new to Zentangle and am learning so much from the work of others.

My word is CREATE. This is my third year doing the one word thing. I've loved it in the past and look forward to all the new year will bring. Especially since tangling will be part of it.

Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful new year.
Annie Taylor said…
Breathe - very important! Lovely tangles round it too - I feel calmer already! Axxx
karen said…
I love your word breath we should all slow down and enjoy what we have while we have it thanks so much
karen said…
What a wonderful word we all need to slow down and enjoy what we have while we have it! Thanks so much
Jean Chaney said…
Yes, we all need to remember to breathe. It was nice to leave that breathing space around the word too. It's part of Zentangle, that remember to breathe and relax, yet we often forget that. Thanks for the reminder!
Haha! That is perfect xx
I love the open space around your word. Very well done!
Great word to start the New Year. If we could all calm down the hamster running in our heads we'd be in a much better place! Your tangle choices and shading support the thought beautifully.
johanna said…
Beautiful! I love the way your shading makes the Breathe text box pop.
Sue Clark said…
Beautiful tile and great word. We all need to be reminded to breathe!
Annette Carlo said…
Such a perfect word!! I use that in my workplace all the time! It's amazing how shallow of breathers we humans are! Your artwork defines it perfectly! :0) Share Humanity

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