Pewett's Nest 2013

Made the annual pilgrimage to Pewett's Nest on Sunday. It was an amazingly beautiful day. The trail was perilous. Good thing I had friend, Scott, along to clear the way!

 We hiked into the lower falls first.  I could listen to the sounds all day long. 

Then we went to the upper falls. I've never seen the water this low and we were able to hike in the ravine bottom right up to the falls themselves. Here is Scott after he bullyed a rude and surly photographer out of the way. (People were lined up to take a pic of the falls and he was standing IN it, taking close up pics of leaves for over 20 minutes!)

It was about 2:30PM-ish and the play of light through the trees was magical

Deep reflections....

 and sunbeams abound.

 Beside the still water.

It's one of those mystical places that always restores my soul to visit. On the way home, we went to apple orchards and snacked on cider donuts. All and all it was a beautiful way to spend an autumn Sunday!


Barb said…
I am glad you had such a beautiful day!! The pictures made me sigh......