Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, here is this week's Diva Challenge entry. I like to put them at the top of the entry so she doesn't have to fish for them when she puts her slide show together. It was to do a monotangle using 'Bales'. I use Bales a lot in my work so I really enjoyed  this one.

The weekend started off so well! We planted Swiss chard, lettuce, walking onions and spinach in the kitchen garden.   Doesn't look like much but it runs all the way along the wall.
 And pruned the jungle of bushes that had invaded the flower garden space. You couldnt' see the air conditioner because of that low lying little bugger to it's left and his identical twin on the right.

And got the petunias, flag holder and solar stakes in .
 The Knit Chicks came over on Saturday afternoon and we had an awesome time. I got a lot of a pair of socks knit. Supper on Saturday night at La Vita Dolce  with Scott and Michael was delish. I went to bed earlyish with an excellent book (The Burgess Boys) and drifted off for a peaceful night's sleep. That's where the 'good weekend' ended and the 'evil weekend' started. At 2:00AM  I got sick and stayed sick for two days so nothing else got done. Sunday I was in bed all day. Today I wandered around feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. At least it didn't hurt my stomach to sit up today like it did on Sunday so I finished the shading on the photo mat that I started a while ago. I think it's 10x12. It's an odd size. I got it at a framing shop in the 'weird sizes that no one can fit photos in bin'.  
We did watch a couple of great movies.  The Big Year and Beastly. Tomorrow, if I continue to feel better, it's back to work where I can spend the entire week confused as to what day it is because we had a holiday today (for which I'm extremely grateful).  Anyway, that's all the news there is to report for now. Onward and upward!


Traci F said…
I love what you did with Bales and the buttons are awesome! Great piece!
Helen in the UK said…
Great job! I particularly like the 3D shading across the middle and the buttons. Great photo frame too :)
Uuna said…
Very fine artwork! I like buttons and the "way" in the center. It is very good design in Your zentangle.
ledenzer said…
This one just reaches out to me! It contains everything I love about zentangle! I love, love, love, it!
What a great tile. I love the buttons also, and the shading is exquisite. Nice photo mat also.
katrina said…
I love the chain which you have running through the mirror, and the buttons
Sue Clark said…
Love your tile and the buttons that anchor the whole thing!
Judy McCarthy said…
Fab idea with the buttons.
Nice plantings.Nothing like gardening is there!
katydidsworld said…
This is a great tile! Nice variations, and love the buttons!
I like your tile, it's very beautiful.
Hope you will be totally recovered soon.
Susan said…
I am a botton lover and collector so your tile was an absolute winner with me. Beautifully done. Don't you hate it when you get sick on a holiday weekend? Hope your 'fightingly fit' by now.
I am jealous of your compact, but useful garden space. The perennials make it so you don't have so much to plant. Perfect. Plus it's raised. Plus no grass to mow??? Brilliant. I hope you are well now.
Great tile!!!!!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice job. Like the ribbon of Bales across the tile and the buttons.
Adorable little buttoned-down bales! I like it a lot!
Katalyst said…
Love the buttons! So cute. I also love your frame. Very inspiring.
MadCityMike said…
Well, well, Ms. Molly Bee! You can tell it has been awhile since I, too, have been "blog reading". I didn't know about your move.....I'm happy for you that you have some gardening space. "Eventually", I will get some plants out into our garden area, too, but they will have to wait until I get the house/garage unpacked and organized.......but that day is coming soon! :) We actually had frost night before last so I guess I was lucky not to have any tender veggie plants out there to worry about.
Also happy to hear you are up and around after your bout with tummy troubles.

Enjoy your new place and hugs to Mr. Ben from MI!

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