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Busy Bee

I've been uber busy as usual. Here is a photo essay of recent events:

I spun this:

(Maine Blueberries roving)

Into this:

(Maine Blueberries singles)

And then into this:

(Maine Blueberries lace weight)

I made this:

(Pumpkin hat with wooden Halloween beads)

I made this:
(Mini pumpkin/caramel cheesecakes-recipe on Molly Bee's Attic)

For his folks:
When they came to visit for a couple of days. And in my 'spare time', I've set up 12 global video conference calls at work, found a returned a wallet with $340 bucks in it, gone to two game nights with friends, seen two movies, and attended three knitting events, all while doing housework, laundry, studying mindfulness and knitting little wool blobs to be felted into 'popcorn' for my Christmas tree. Needless to say, but I will anyway, I've been putting the OOOO! in Uber busy lately! More soon! Hope you had great weekend!

Enlightening Evening

Let's play 'Where In The World Was Molly Bee This Evening'? Any guesses? Yarn shop? Nope. Library? Nope. Movies? Nope. Stop! You're killing me! You'll never guess it!

I, Miss Molly Bee was nestled in an intimate theater in the Madison Museum of Modern Art section of the Overture Center between the likes with Shirley Abrahamson(Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice) and Pleasant T. Rowland (Founder of The Pleasant Doll Company) that's where! I went to the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters Evening Series presentation of Happiness 2050: Neuroscience, Education and the Compassionate World Citizen by Richard Davidson ,who is no slouch himself being a world renowned professor and researcher in cognitive brain studies and voted as one of Time Magazine's Most Influential People of 2006.

The lecture was spectacular! The basis was that, particularly in adolescents, the brain can be trained to be more mindful, compassion and all around virtuous. This mindfulness …

Still More Bits and Bobs

Just got back from Madison Wordplayers group. We played a new one that the group test drove for the game company a while back. It was called Word On The Street. It was UBERFUN! If you're a word geek you'll love it. It's a great team game. I'm guessing it would be fun for as little as two people as well. The group plays at The Washington Island Coffee House in the back of Lakeside Fibers. I got there early with my knitting and was delighted to find a group of 'my peeps', old and new, to visit and knit with before the gaming festivities began.

I'm still on my 'finishing small projects' kick and completed this dragonfly washcloth last weekend. I had started it on Tuesday at DishCloth Night at The Ear: I'm going to make a slightly different one in another color and give the two with a bar of nice soap as a gift.

Went to Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday and showed remarkable self restraint. I limited myself to two items with a value of no …

Bits and Bobs

If a four-leaf clover is good luck...what is this guy? I found him while I was strolling down by that nuclear power plant over by the chemical land fill. I had to fight a 14 # six-legged frog for him. Ah, the miracles of nature.
There has been knitting. Here is a pair of 'Fetching' fingerless gloves I finished last night. I love the picot top edge and the fun colors of the Mochi Plus. One ball makes a pair and I had about 3 yards left over. Kinda funky but instant gratification!
I made Monkey Bread the other night. Super easy and fun to make. My kids had never had it before. I had to giggle when I looked over at the treat table and they were all plucking bits off and eating them (much like a primate nit-picking party) and wondering aloud where the name "Monkey Bread" came from if there was no banana's or monkeys in it. Recipe is over on Molly Bee's Kitchen site.

Off to finish a Pumpkin Hat and count down the hours till the Sheep and Wool Festival in Jeff…

Adjusting The Sails Through The Storm

Adjusting the sails like crazy to keep up with the turbulent emotional winds, so no pithy commentary today. Just pics of finished projects to prove that I still exist:

Purple socks

I liked this Trekking XXL yarn a lot! It has every color in it!~
Here is a partial shot of a sock I am designing that incorporated beads and charms

The charm on the front says 'I (heart) 2 Knit' and has a little sheep

Design detail on the back of the ankle

UPDATE: Forgot these pics of my latest spinning. It's Blue-Faced but it spins up like buttery Merino!

And no post is complete without a gratuitous shot of my best friend and saving grace....

Mr. Ben