For The Birds

My life these days seems to have gone to the birds. Remember last summer when it was all about hawks for a while after I watched that one die on a live wire on Odana Road and took it to the police? For two weeks afterward I was inundated with close encounters with raptors. This new bird thing started when I was in Maine and a hummingbird got trapped in the garage. No amount of cajoling would entice him to fly out on his own, so I went up on a step ladder and plucked him out of the corner and took him outside. I sat with him in my open palm for a couple of minutes while he regained his composure and then he flew off. Gosh, that is the closest thing to magic there is; holding that shiny, emerald in your hand. It's like holding a fairy!

When I got home from Maine, I decided to put up bird feeders for the first time. Don't tell the birds, but I put them out by the front window so the cat would have something to keep him entertained-and they certainly do! I tinkered with it a dozen…

New Tangle Time

I've been tangling my brains out this spring for stress reduction. I've been ruminating on these new tangle ideas for a while, so last night I took a couple of hours and put them together for my Tangle friends who will be meeting up this Saturday. I'd love it if any of you tanglers out there would be so kind as to try one or both and see what you can do with them!

The Tale of Two Kiddies

Often when I am out and about, I am a magnet for old folks, odd folks and small children. For whatever reason, they overlook the curmudgeonly, essence of pure evil that is 'me' and actively seek out conversation.  I don't know why...but I like it. I was at the grocer's recently when a young lad (just turned three according to his mother) who was in the seat of the cart ahead of mine in line said, "Can I tell you something?"

I always say 'yes' even though it's a crap shoot with the little ones as to what will be revealed. It's often something benignly obvious like, 'you have a purse', or embarrassingly obvious 'you have a boogie in your nose'.  Sometimes it's worse...'You're a doody head' is one of my all time favorites. But I steeled myself, said 'sure' and this little guy said, and I quote, "Did you know that tapirs are pachyderms, same as elephants?"

Huh? Thud! That was the sound of my jaw hi…

Sun Ain't Nevah Gonna Shine Agin!

Last week... This week.
In an effort to not lose my ever-loving mind, there has been lots of knitting and drawing going on at Chez B for the last several days. Lack of sunshine and Vitamin D deficiency leads one to do many unusual knit wee sweaters that won't fit anyone. 

Then look at it and think..."I can make a smaller one!"  So you do...just to make sure it really doesn't fit anyone...except maybe a hamster or a gerbil. And you know that if you had one, maybe a gerbil named Stewie, you would try it on him and if it fit, you'd make him a large wardrobe of knitted goods. You contemplate obtaining a gerbil. This is the only time when impassible roads are a good thing. If not for them, you would have 75 Stewies by now. 
Then you think that maybe it's not healthy to knit tiny things that won't fit anyone except maybe a gerbil named Stewie who you can't get to the store to buy, and decide to just doodle instead. You let the pen wander.…

Adventures in Sturgeon Bay

I took a three and a half hour drive up to Sturgeon Bay in Door County yesterday to see Doug Mancheski in Gray's Anatomy, a monologue by the late Spaulding Gray. Doug is an amazingly talented actor and this was one of Gray's works that I wasn't already familiar with, so it was a real treat. Having only seen Doug previously is musical comedies, I was blown away by his range, which was really displayed in this one: wry humor, cynicism, love, fear, desperation, the terror of facing aging, illness and death. His delivery made me forget that I was listening to Spaulding's story. It just sounded like Doug was telling his story for the first time, not lines rehearsed and rote...truly masterful! I enjoyed it so much. If I lived closer I'd go again. For my friends in that, don't walk to the Third Avenue Playhouse.
Viewing it superficially in the moment as a performance observer, my emotions were pulled everywhere-in the best possible way.  Pondering it all i…

Diva Challenge #359 String Theory: Finger Stringer

I liked doing this week's Diva Challenge but as I looked at it when I was finished, I realized it would have looked a lot better if I hadn't extended the pattern in the index finger clear to the wrist. But my policy has always been to post the first attempt, not matter how lousy, because 'there are no mistakes in Zentangle'. I'm just thankful that it was the index, and not the middle! :-)

Thanks for the great tangle challenge, Laura!

The Winter of Our Discontent

It has been a long winter in Wisconsin. Around Christmas and the New Year, I long for the quiet, dark days between January and the end of March. But then by April, I am so sick of my own company and the craft projects I was once so excited to work on when things finally slowed down, that I'm ready to climb a bell tower with a Nerf gun. I am so. over. winter. I feel kind of guilty about it since I have friends and family back home in Maine that MAY get summer on July 7th from 2:00-4:00 PM this year...IF they are  very, very lucky and the finorkin' snow. would. just. stop. But none-the-less, we (the royal we, doncha know) are neck deep in The Season of Grumpiness and Feeling Sorry for Ourselves.

I thought it was over a couple of weeks ago when the temps SOARED into the 50s, my crocuses woke up, the neighbors were out running around in their shorts and flip flops. In the spirit of true disclosure, most of them wear shorts all year round, but I digress.  The dreaded snow and cold …

Diva Challenge-Paradox

I was going through a particularly un-arty period lately. To get the ball rolling again, I got a poster sized piece of paper, divided it into random spaces and...well...I 'Paradoxed' the heck out of that bad boy! No thinking, no planning, just lines, lines lines! Very soothing, even if it's not very beautiful. It gave me the kick start I needed to continue on with more inspired projects. This week's Diva Challenge is a mono-tangle using  'Paradox' so I'm submitting it.
Equinox Paradox
It was recently (yesterday) brought to my attention (thanks, Mum) that I haven't updated my blog 'in forever'. I'll try to remedy that. It's actually a good thing when I'm too busy living life to document it!