Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Diva Weekly Challenge #295: "Reticula/Fragment part 2" Update!

Update: 12-1-16 THIS is what I was trying for in the Diva Challenge

This is one of those times I'm sorry that I promised to put the first challenge tile I completed up-come what may. My intentions were pure but this baby came out a muddled mess. I wanted to do a straight grid with 4 'loose' fragment tiles floating on top. I still think the concept is sound and may try it with another fragment pattern. Picking a 3-D fragment like Cubine was a mistake. It all smooshed together into a mess. You're not having a bad acid flashback...it just looks that way-complete with lousy lighting, creased and smudged paper and my thumb. I didn't clean it up-why bother?  Avert your eyes. Save yourself

In other news, I kind of like this one. It's just from my doodle book but I was in a spring/summer mood on a rainy autumn night!

Onward and upward....

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Diva Challenge: Keeko

I haven't written for a while. We've been spending every possible second outside enjoying the unusually warm November weather. This week's Diva Challenge brought me inside though. It was to use the tangle pattern "Keeko" which is one that I use quite a bit. I forgot to put 'stars' in my Dex windows like I had usually do, but for better for worse, here it is:

I'm still semi-obsessed with trying to make 'ripped/flipper paper' but haven't nailed it yet. 

This is the last thing I see before I leave the house each morning. Sad puppy. Wadded up in the corner of the big chair. The minute the door closes, he hops down, plays and naps with Cooper, but for whatever reason feels he has to make me feel like scum just before I leave to start me day! 

Probably because he has been out and about with me in the warm weather a lot the past few weeks. I expect once the winter cold really hits, he will be perfectly content to stay in his warm chair when I leave.

Went to the zoo last weekend. Had lunch at the zoo cafe which has a huge viewing window of the polar bear exhibit. I got my lunch and a primo table by the window.  This was the view.

I said, aloud, "Look at the Grizzly bear!" Immediately 20 toddlers stopped what they were doing and corrected me, loudly, vehemently and with a large degree of disgust. It was a POLAR bear. He'd just been playing in the MUD. Wow. You haven't felt truly stupid until you've been chastised by a herd of feral toddlers!

Mr Bear added insult to injury by going over and rooting around in the sand and mud again, clearly on the toddler's side in the situation. 

Mr. Tortoise was very kind. He KNEW I knew the difference between a polar and a grizzly and thought that I was judged a little too harshly by the tiny tyrants!

Jury was still out with Mr. Snake.

Scolding aside, it was a lovely day to be at the zoo....

on the shores of Lake Wingra

Ooo! One more little tidbit. Look at the awesome safety/flag pin I scored at a craft fair. Safety pins are big right now as a symbol of solidarity with those who feel disenfranchised with the results of last week's election. It says , "You're safe with me". I love this one because it shows that I care about my friends and fellow Americans who feel particularly persecuted right now, and  also America itself. Despite the trying times we are in right now, there is ALWAYS hope. Never give up! Never give in!