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Diva Challenge: Spiral

This week's Diva Challenge was to use a spiral as your string. I use spirals a lot so this was a very relaxing break for me!

Thank you again for a wonderful challenge, Laura!

Diva Challenge, Turning 102, and Farm Pics

I'm kinda cheating on this week's Diva Challenge. I was working on this Ben Kwok Celtic Cross template for St. Patrick's Day before the challenge came out to make a St. Patrick's day inspired work. But I finished it today and I like the way it came out so I am entering it.
Celtic Cross for St. Patrick's
On March 10th, my Grammie celebrated her 102 birthday! Here she is in the tiara she was awarded for being Valentine Queen a month ago. 102 and she's still got it!
One of her great joys is getting mail, so I put the word out to my friends all over the planet, asking them to send her a card.  They came through big time. Here is a small sampling of the cards. She enjoyed every single one and marveled at the far flung places that they were mailed from. Thank you to all who participated. You really make her day!
Spring on the farm wasn't so spring-y on Sunday. 10° and a hearty gale made it downright miserable weather-wise.  Frances was smart and wore his sweat…

The Great Salamander Stampede of 2014

Last night I joined a meeting with other animal enthusiasts, DNR personnel, and herpetologists to make a plan  to protect some local, endangered salamanders. It seems that in the Wisconsin autumn,  Eastern Tiger Salamanders trundle out of the bogs and fens, climb up to the higher grounds of the surrounding hills , tunnel down into the soil and wait out Old Man Winter. But in spring... well in spring a young salamander's thoughts turn to love, and they stampede down the hills in droves, back to the swamp to know...♫ Birds do it... bees do it...even educated fleas do it.♫   It's the circle of life....except for one small problem. Seems we pesky humans laid a highway between point A (the hill) and point B (the wetland) hence creating an epic, non-video, game of Frogger which, ironically, salamanders are really bad at and hardly ever win.

So for a couple of weeks in March/April, depending on when they decide to raise their sleepy heads, people will patrol a partic…

Diva Challenge: UMT: Charlie

This week's Diva Challenge was to use Erin Olson's tangle "Charlie". Charlie is based on the t shirt that Charlie Brown wears on Peanuts. I've used it a couple of times, but not a lot because it feels 'jarring' to me and reminds me of electricity.  Because of that I decided to make an electric fence guarding the fields and flowers!

Thanks for another great challenge Laura!!!!!