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Poor Poor Molly Bee!

Poor me! I had to spend this glorious summer Sunday afternoon meeting new friends and looking at this:
and eating great food and looking at this:

and visiting with interesting folks and lazing by this
Yes, poor poor me! It's afternoons like this one that make up for the calamities that seem to befall me more frequently than the average bear!

From the 'Animals Are Adorable Department'...this is my Mum's new kitty, Punkin.
Before Mum got a 'real' furbaby, she got a stuffed dog (you can see his black paws below) and cat (the realistic black and white kitty is stuffed) that sleep on her bed. Punkin took one look and decided to join the gang during her nap times! Safety in numbers. Smart cookie that one!

And from the 'Animals Will Kick You When You're Down' department.... Mr. Ben is a smart dog in most respects...smarter than me a lot more times than I'd like to admit in fact, but the one thing he WILL NOT do is come back when you call him. I've tr…

Say Hello To My Leetle Friend

I finally got the license plate number of the beastie what scared my Big Doggie last fall!

You can run....
You can try to hide...
You can stand around on one leg trying to look nonchalant...
You can turn your back and try to ignore me....
You can even stomp around all crazy like with your knees on backwards like that.....

But I'll get you my pretty!!!!

Finally, some successful blue heron pictures after only a year of stalking! I'm nothing if not persistent! Click to biggify! You won't be sorry!

Roving and Baby Surprises

I visited an artist's co-op in Camden/Lincolnville and picked up this lovely roving. It's called 'Blueberry Morning' and being high blueberry season in Maine, it called to me; the white misty fogs over the seemingly endless barrens and the low green bushes hiding their tiny, blue treasures... Sigh. I licked it and though it doesn't taste like them, I can tell already that it will spin up like melted buddah on a blueberry muffin, Deah. And now for the apology portion of my post....I, MollyBee, do heartfeltedly apologize for all of those bad things I thought and said about Elizabeth Zimmerman while making previous attempts to follow her Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. And also to all of you that I accused of lying to me when you showed me your beautiful BSJs and told me that they were knit from Elizabeth's pattern. And I apologize to God for thinking that he was orchestrating a colossal joke. Seemed like everyone on the planet was in on it but ME!

Mad City Mike turn…

My Motto

If my life had a motto it would be, "Seems simple enough...what could possibly go wrong?" Seriously, that's what I want on my gravestone. I went to Maine for a visit. What could be better? The rugged mountains, rocky coast and deep blue Atlantic. Time spent with family, friends old and new, and fur friends as well. Fresh blueberries, the smell of pines, the sounds of loons from the comfort of a gently bobbing kayak. It was heaven right up until the abscessed tooth, subsequent extraction and bone graft. Ever fly with an abscessed tooth? I DON'T recommend it. Sigh...what could possibly go wrong.

"Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" you ask. Other than the toothie troubles I had a wonderful time. Here are a few photos of my adventures...

Mum and my new fur-sister, Punkin!

Me and my Grammie note the Vicodin-crazed look in my eyes!

Kayaking on Mattawamkeag lake

Mum communing with Maine wildlife in Patten (Edgar the Scarlett Macaw)

The view from our b…


Just an quick update to let you know that I am in the land of the Moose-northern Maine-visiting the folkses. So far I've communed with a scarlet macaw, picked wild blueberries, cheered on my favorite at the duck races, seen all four colors of Bengal tigers, mown lawns, gone to service at my church here, and learned a ninja trick to immobilize a baby chicken... and I haven't been here a week yet. More updates and photos when I get back to the homeland!