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A Fabulous Hat Model and Getting To Know The Neighbors

On Monday night I finished the cable hat that I screwed up last week. My buddy Cole modeled it for me and after a few false starts....

...his mum finally got the money shot and emailed it to me today! Isn't he the cutest ever? That is a 'Grade A Wisconsin Cheese Eating Grin' there if I ever saw one! You Da Man, Cole!Today was absolutely beautiful out and my apartment complex had a pot luck/bar-b-que, meet and greet at lunch time:
We all brought out our dogs, dishes to pass, and lawn chairs and got to know each other. Nice folks, each and every one. Dog people are my kinda people! At one point, someone spilled beer on Ben so he smells a little like a brewery now, but he was more than happy to lick it all off. I only stayed for a couple of hours because I wanted to go to Last Saturday Knitting at 2PM. When I came back at 4PM they were still out there so I went out for a bit longer but then came in to feed/walk Ben, make some phone calls and catch on on computer stuff. It is n…

It's The Little Things That Will See You Through

Oddly enough, one of my great joys these days is my early morning walk with Ben. I've never been a morning person but for whatever reason, I am now! We go out after he's had his breakfast around 6AM, just as the sun is peeking over the trees. It's quiet and still and, with the cooler weather, there's often ground fog. One of my favorite places is the pond in the prairie conservancy across the street. Every morning there is a variety of water fowl in there including a blue heron, inland terns, Sandhill cranes, Canadian Geese, ducks and a Kingfisher. I got smart this morning and took my camera. Our buddy the heron was there. He was standing tall and majestic until I aimed the camera at which time he proceeded to hunker down like a toad under a cabbage leaf and glare at me. Thus, I have evidence of his existence (you'll need to biggify for proof), but I don't have a shot at that National Geographic Photographer of The Year Award I had my eye on...
What a primadon…

How To Recycle Your Old Rotary Phones

Friend Anne emailed this to me today! I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by posting it. I LOVE this. It made me smile. Look closely....these sheep are made of old phones and phone cords....right down to their widdle hoovies!
I wonder if their reception is good or Baaaaaaaad? Can you herd me now!?!

♪♪♪ When I'm calling Eeeeewwwweeeeee?!?♪♪♪
Friend Anne asked me which one was the 'BELLwether'...get it? She's always on top of her game, Friend Anne; never just 'dials it in'. Come on...let's hear those sheep/phone puns!


I went to Knit Night Friday night and got a huge surprise. Dale Harriet came in and handed me a manila envelope with the sweetest note about friendship and that the contents were for my new nest. Guess what I pulled out...
OMG! Squeal!!!! I know! An ORIGINAL FRANKLIN HABIT cartoon! It's called 'Wool and Gossip'. I about died. I did the happy dance and wouldn't let anyone touch it thus making me have to go to everyone individually and show it off while continually doing the happy dance. I may have even licked it a little. Not only is it an ORIGINAL FRANKLIN HABIT...
but it sums up my friendship with DH. Whenever we meet it's wool and gossip! I have to find the perfect frame and put it in the corner with my spinning wheel! Dale Harriet, you are the best!!!

"But choo luv me best, doncha, huh?"Mr. Ben has boo boo eyes. I took him to the vet today and they gave me some medicine for doggie pink eye. He tends to get it when he's stressed. I expected it when we …

This Definitely Falls Into The 'Oh Crap' Department

I've been working on a cabled hat since last Friday.
I'm not especially good or quick at cables but was very pleased about how the hat was turning out. (Looks even better stretched out a little...even if it is weird colored Red Heart yarn!)
I made it through the 4 cable repeats and then went to decrease last night and discovered this....See the two rib rows without a cable in between? Oh Crap! How did I make it this far without noticing that!?!? So back to the frog pond and starting all over.

I did finish my 'Pink Squirrel' dishcloth from last week's Dish Cloth night at The Sow's Ear though. Don't know why it's an oblong diamond instead of a square but maybe it will miraculously change during use. (Kathy Cubed calls that 'interactive blocking"!) Or maybe it just looks like that because I've had too many pink squirrels! But really, is there such a thing as too many ice cream laced alcoholic drinks?! Speaking of miracles. I came home yesterday …

A Red Letter Day of Surprises

Today I got a few surprises that cheered up my grumpy butt considerably. I came home from work early, not feeling well, and found a box of goodies from blog buddy, Knitzu. Look at all of the loot:
Biggify! It's worth it!

Beautiful deep purple yarn from French Hill Farms, a wonderful chicken mug made by a potter friend she knows at Maple Lane Pottery (and yummy coffee from the Carrabassett Coffee Company) and a little kayaker dude because she knows I miss kayaking back in Maine.

Knitzu and I have never met in person, but have become friends through our blogs and the fact that she lives in Maine and I'm from there. She does all the things in Maine that I used to love to do and I am jealous and hate her for it from way out here in the Middle Lands. She knows that all dogs on the planet belong to me (I just keep them different places around the planet) so she lovingly cares for my two sweeties, Gracie and Zuzu and posts wonderful pic…

Keepin' On Keeping On and Cry for Coronet Help!

This week has been very difficult; the first one alone in my own apartment in 18 years. I took the week off to 'settle in' and acclimate Ben, but that may have been a mistake since it gave me extra alone time to think and sob. I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. Nothing distracts you from real life like a dozen wacky scientists to take care of!

Friend Anne and I went to the Jefferson Sheep and Wool festival. It was pretty difficult as I had always attended with Mr. Bee and last year's purchase of my spinning wheel, Mabel is such a strong memory for me. I was a bit verklempt, except for watching that sheep shearing guy. I have to admit, all of those arm muscles did distract me for a bit. Boy Howdy!

I didn't buy ANYTHING for me; not roving, no books, no yarn. That should tell you how off my feed I am! I did get a backseat extender and seat belt for Ben at the border collie shop though, and used them when I took him to the dog park yesterday. I feel a …

Feathering The Nest

There has been little knitting content this week. Bentley and I have been busy setting up our new digs. I did do another charity hat and am working on the matching scarf but don't have pics of them yet.

Here are some pics of our new pad though. I told my Mum I'd take some and I was afraid they might swamp her email so I am posting them here. So if you Knitterly Types (you know who you are) keep reading expecting yarn-ey excitement, you've been warned.

Mum, you can biggify the pics by clicking on them twice.

Kitchen with Ben's butt as he tucks in to a kibble dinner I lovingly prepared for him.
Another one of kitchen and breakfast bar. The sink and dishwasher are on the other side of the bar. That's a utility/coat closet with the brown wood door and the entryway on the way right.
Left living room wall. That end table is like that because it will have a love seat sitting next to it once it's off back order!
New sofa and right side of living room.
Looking toward hallw…