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It's Truly Pathetic Photo Thursday!

I finished the Scarfigator and RammieGaysIstmas-ChrayOcks-say. Here are a couple of truly hideous, hastily-taken photos. The scarfigator is drying on the blue towel so I couldn't mess with him to take a pic. Even though I got the gauge that was called for in the pattern and added 3 full scale repeats to his back, he's nowhere near the 6 feet long he was supposed to be. He's the runt of the congress* I guess. The width is correct but the length is too short. I'll probably go up a couple of needle sizes next time to try and nail it although he'll be a bit wider too. But he's a good size for the Employee Art Show at work next week. He was SO MUCH FUN to knit!
And the socks are...well....just basic socks made out of Tofuttsies (sp?) yarn. It's REALLY splitty stuff and I won't be using it again. I noticed it was splitty when I made my Tidal Wave Socks out of it, but this time it was SO splitty that it had separated and made a rats nest in several places insid…

Who got New Piggy Slippers For The Sow's Ear Sleepover?!?!?!

Me! Me! I did! I did! Our five-day vacation is almost over. Jeez I hate to see it go! It's been relaxing, we had fun and got some chores done too. Doesn't get any better than that! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends D & T. Here is a shot of out table before we descended upon it. After dinner we went to see 'Fred Claus'. And ya'll know that in my world....any day with Vince Vaughn is a very...VERY good day.

We spent plenty of quality time with the fur babies, who in turn spent quality time basking in the sun..(the little white lump in the blue cage in the upper left of the bottom picture is Sneakers the bunny).

We had friends E and A and their kids R and E over last night to play games. For once, the adults wore the kids (and the Bentley) out first! They slunk off to the living room to rest from the excitement of playing Hoopla. I went to last Saturday knitting and had a wonderful visit with all the lovely ladies. Elizabeth is working on an abs…

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

The pumpkin pie is fresh out of the oven. The loaded mashed potato casserole is in the fridge beside the cranberry, mandarin orange, raspberry, pineapple salad . All ready for tomorrow's feast. Friends Donna and Tom are coming over and we'll have our dinner at lunch time and then spend the afternoon at the movies or playing games. Low key and relaxed. Donna's bringing the pecan pie and the squash. I've got a 6# chicken in a roaster bag, a head of broccoli in a steamer bag and fresh rolls all ready to go! Yum!

I've been having a lot of 'silver lining' moments this week just in time for Thanksgiving. One of my best friends back home had a double mastectomy at the end of October. She's 43 and had been doing 'all the right things' since she was 30; self exams, mammos...and they never caught it. The silver lining? Actually there are two. They feel they got ALL of the cancer AND 3 years ago, when she turned 40 she was overweight and at a crossroads in…

Bentley Bee Goes Postal

It was a big day for Bentley Bee! As loyal readers know, Big Ben LUVS Mailman Travis and his Magic Mail Truck. If we know he's on the way up the street, we go out on the front step and watch for him. We wag and wag and bark hello before toddling to the mailbox to help bring in any especiallydrool proof mail. Today, Mailman Travis backed the Magic Mail Truck right into Ben's driveway and got out! He was beside himself with joy! Mailman Travis opened the Magic Mail Truck up to get some boxes for Mr. Bee out and Bentley Bee jumped right in! Once he was convinced to come out, Mailman Travis lavished him with lots of mailman love and attaboys. Big Ben was beyond ecstatic. Mailman Travis was considerably soggier that when he first got out of the truck. It was a red letter (get it?) day in DoggieLand. Blissful sigh!

I got my 6th Secret of the Stole clue finished last night and took this truly pathetic picture today! Yay. A whole night to knit my alligator scarf before the next clue co…

Palm Piercings and Chimp Chatter

Mr. Bee and I share a car so I knit to and from work. Just socks 'cause it's easy, portable and I don't have to think much. Yesterday we hit a bump and I poked a size 2 nearly through my palm. I had to forcibly pull it out and it bled...a LOT! I couldn't get it to stop so ended I up sporting a dorky-looking bandage around my hand all afternoon because I couldn't get a Band-Aid to stick to my palm. The 'kids' asked what happened and I told them. Now the balance of power has shifted. They are uneasy. Unsure. They are afraid that if I'd do that to my own self, there's just no telling what I might do to THEM. I'm liking having the upper hand, even if it does have a 2.75 mm hole in it.

The kids are extra funny today. We got a demos of a new gadget that lights up when someone is on the phone. Honest to God, they are like a bunch of chimps with a June bug; poking at it, scurrying away and chattering at each other about it. I suspect they will spend the …

Don't Go In The Water!!!

Dah Da... (First two notes in 'Jaws' theme)

Dah Da... (Second two notes in 'Jaws' theme)

Dah Da... (Third and fourth notes in 'Jaws' theme) AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

Nah, don't be afraid! It's just a scarfigator!

She's A Legend In Her Own Mind...

I went to a seminar today. I think the speaker may have been a whack job. She started out normally enough but then by the time she finished she was spinning tall tales about disarming hijackers and saving people from exploding airplanes. I gave her the benefit of the doubt as long as I could, but a quick Google search on a few of her more interesting stories didn't pan out which leads me to believe she was having a psychotic break of some kind. It a train wreck kinda way but not that educational.

On a happier note, I made the Cranberry Pie recipe from Knitzu's site and it was FANTASTIC. I posted it over on Molly Bee's Kitchen. The link is on the left side of this page. We had it after a smothered pork chop dinner tonight (Doncha LUV the Crock pot!) and it was delish! You HAVE to try it!

Off to the living room to finish hint five of my Secret Of The Stole project. It's good that I will get it done a little early this week so that I can work o…

Gourd Contest

As I promised, here are some of the entries for the gourd contest. You could only use things that were around the department. You couldn't take it home or bring in anything special. I won for Scariest with "After the Alien Autopsy. Plus I made the kids uneasy when they got a little too much insite into how my mind really works. Click to make the bigger!

The Fly (won judges choice)
Cousin Itt
Alien Autopsy

A Snapshot of a Moment of My Work Life

November is ‘Blog Every Damn Day’ month or some such nonsense. So I thought I would give it a try. Since I won’t be home this evening…KNIT NIGHT AT THE SOW’S EAR YAY!!! (Happy Dance)…ahem (gathers self together) I will just post a shorty from work on my break. Here is an example of the conversation going on in the dept. at this very moment.

'Diet Pepsi is bad for you in the long run. You can tell this by some experiment that someone heard of about someone watering their crops with Gatorade which is full of electrolytes which plants love in the short term but kills them in the long term.' I kid you not. They are almost in a fist fight about this.Of course I'm paraphrasing but you get the gist.

Meanwhile the other half of the group is trying to figure out how to dress up gourds to look like flies, turkeys, monsters and in one case, a camel, to enter into the departmental gourd decorating festivities. (Pictures in tomorrow's entry) Judging is in 30 minutes. The place i…

Secret of the Stole Hint #4 Finished

I am the queen of the last minute finish! Officially I have 4 hours until midnight to complete this week's section. Pleeennntttty o' time! :-) I am really loving this stole. It's been a long time since I attempted lace and it seems I have some experience under my belt because this is going pretty smoothly now that I'm into it. Let's just say that my last lace project-Violets by the River (or Violence by the River or Violets by Chernobyl since none of my 'violets' ended up with the same number of petals...) didn't go as smoothly. Still haven't guessed what the theme of this stole is though although I can see crabs, fish and bubbles.....hmmmmm. Am thoroughly confused about the weekly word clues to get the anagrams to spell the theme so unless I happen to stumble on it, I guess I am out of the running for that contest! The joy is in the making anyway, not in the prizes. Anyway, here it is in all it's unblocked glory!
The swelling in my lip had gone…